Stephon Marbury criticizes Knicks for hiring ‘World Wide Wes’

The hiring of the Knicks from “World Wide Wes,” also known as William Wesley, was universally praised Wednesday as a progressive addition by new team president Leon Rose. However, a former Knick is against it.

Stephon Marbury criticized the move, calling Wesley a “global jerk,” in a video he posted on Instagram and tweeted that Wesley is a “kiss to-“.

Come on man, come on. At the New York Knicks, did you really bring a global jerk to the New York Knicks? … For real? Did you bring this guy here? Why? I am a true New York Knicks fan. I’ve been a fan of the New York Knicks since I was [kid]. …

“Let’s go [Jim] Dolan man. You have to be kidding me, man. Did you bring this guy here? Really? What’s up man. There has to be an explanation. Noel. Of all the people, do you bring this guy here? Do you bring it to New York? Towards New York? It has no credibility here. Nah. “

On Wednesday, the Knicks announced Wesley as their new executive vice president / senior basketball adviser. Wesley, a longtime friend of Knicks president Leon Rose and a former CAA adviser, is known for his connections to star players across the league. He also previously worked with top head coach candidate Tom Thibodeau while at CAA.

Marbury spent five years unsuccessfully as Knick and was a local Coney Island star. He remade his career abroad in China, where he is now a coach, after reaching two All-Star games in the NBA.

Marbury, 43, says he’s still a Knicks fan, so he doesn’t like what he’s seeing.

“When are we really going to try to win in New York,” he tweeted on the Knicks’ official account. “The people of New York deserve real people from New York to lead the way for New Yorkers. These fake kisses, $$ explode fast, the cats are not going to cut the check any more than enter BOA to deposit the check. We are sick and tired!