Steelers vs. Browns score: Pittsburgh returns to Cleveland’s past, improving to 5-0 for the first time since 1978

A relentless pass rush and a multifaceted offense led the Stulers to a 38-7 win over the Browns on Sunday. With the win, Pittsburgh is 5-0 for the first time since 1978, when the Statils won their third of four Super Bowls in six years. The Browns, who led Pittsburgh to a four-game win, went down 4-2, 1-2 against AFC Northern Division enemies.

Two interruptions from Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield helped Pittsburgh to a 24-0 lead. Safety Minka Fitzpatrick’s Mayfield 33-yard pick-six scored 10-0, while Cornback’s Cameron Sutton’s Browfans Mayfield period, James Conner’s three-yard touchdown run set the stage. The Stilters extended their lead when Ben Rothlisberger hit James Washington on a 28-yard score.

While Rashard Higgins was able to take Brown to the board before halftime on a 13-yard touchdown pass, Mayfield was unable to avoid a massive pass rush from Pittsburgh that hit him four times (two by linebacker Bud Dupree). Numerous other occasions. Mayfield, initially suspected of playing with a chest injury, pulled the case in favor of Cinnamon with one minute left in the third quarter.

The Steelers offense continued into the second half as Rookie Chase Clappul and Benny Ben Running scored short touchdown runs. The Pittsburgh Doddham attack was led by Connor, who showed the third 100-yard rush against the Browns since 2018. Rothlisberger, who now has 11 touchdowns in five games and only one interception, improved to 24-2-1 against the Browns, passing them over in the 2004 NFL Draft.

Why the Steelers won

Pittsburgh dominated seven of the victories. Stephen Tut and Hey Hayward TJVatt, Bud Dupree resetting the line all day long, providing pressure from the edge. The result was seven quarterback hits and four sacks on the opposing quarterbacks. To keep him in the game – it’s really detrimental to Baker Mayfield’s health – he suffered a rib injury against Indianapolis – to keep him in the game. Kevin Stefansky eventually pulled it off in favor of a healthy case kinam. Steelers Secondary also saw a lot of improvement. As Tony Romo noted on CBS Broadcast, Pittsburgh changed their third down defensive strategy to the top with some man coverage concepts to show Cover 2 at the top.

On 11 properties, Cleveland had six pints, three turnovers on downs and two interceptions, one of which returned for a touchdown. They were a combined 1-of-15 on the third and fourth down plays.

Why Brown lost

Baker Mayfield and the offensive line played a terrific role. The Browns rushing attack has been praised all season but it ran against the Pittsburgh brick wall in 6 weeks. Every single starter with an offensive line had the worst game to date. The team wants to establish runs, let their defenses make turnover and win. When a run-based offense falls behind as soon as possible, it becomes very difficult for them to maintain momentum. The same conversation has come out against Baltimore in 1 week.

Cleveland operates just 75 yards on 22 carry and a portion of it was already completed in the fourth quarter with a game in hand. The play-calling gender, which was amazing to you all season, was disappointing in the effort.

Play the game

On Cleveland’s first offensive possession, Mayfield bounced back and turned the ball into coverage. It was clear he had a hypothesis of where to go on the play. The point is that the Steelers ’safety Minkah Fitzpatrick read it all over, threw it away and returned it for a touchdown.

Taking a 10-0 lead, he began forcing Cleveland to throw more of the ball and abandon their game plan. Considering the Browns were only able to score seven points, it literally put the game out of reach in the first quarter.

What’s next

Cleveland will move to Cincinnati next week. After losing to Baltimore in Week 1, the Browns went on to win four in a row. Out of the matches again with Baltimore and Pittsburgh later this season, Cleveland has a favorable schedule. If they don’t let today’s efforts continue into next week, they should have a strong chance to push for the playoffs.

Pittsburgh will play every week for the rest of the regular season as a result of the postponement of the game against Tetsi. They play the Titans and Ravens over the next two weeks. The combined eight wins of those two teams came in 6 weeks.