Stay Gold MV: BTS’s magical journey to find beautifully displayed happiness; ethereal images of members bless ARMY

For those eagerly awaiting the Stay Gold MV, BTS has finally blessed us with a stunning music video that will take you on your magical journey of finding happiness. Check out the fascinating Stay Gold MV below.

“No corruption. Those eyes are like diamonds. More beautiful than any other gem. Repeatedly mesmerized by you, he can’t take his eyes off you anymore,” says Bangtan RM frontman at the start of his Japanese single. Stay Gold and we have to agree! We can’t take our eyes off the handsome AF members in the music video for the lead single from their fourth Japanese album, Map of the soul: the journey. What feels like real life version We are bulletproof: the eternal Animated MV, we see the boys embark on a journey to find happiness.

The beginning of Stay Gold MV is more in the darker shades to show its inner struggles, while the lyrics have an uplifting metaphor for a happier ending. We see each member glow in the dark and approach the light in their own unique way. Then, they show us a group of euphoric boys who find smiles and laughter among themselves while RM watches TV with a cute golden retriever at his side while Jimin and V enjoy a game of Jenga. Also, J-Hope and Jungkook play with a sprayer while Jin and Suga spend their time reading and listening to music.

Also, towards the end of Stay Gold MV, we are witnessing how the members enter the purple paradise that hints how they found peace not only among themselves but also with the help of ARMY. At no time during the four-minute, 15-second music video did we take our eyes off the ethereal beauty, i.e.BTS.

Check out BTS’s MV Stay Gold below:

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In the meantime, Soul map: the journey will be released on July 15, 2020. The next album will feature a ballad titled Your eyes say which has been composed by Jungook.

What we absolutely adore Stay Gold MV was how a purple background was used to express ARMY and BTS’s appreciation for the fandom backing them up in hell and heyday. The synergy between idols and their fans is definitely something one must be a part of to understand. Thus, Stay Gold MV will come to ARMY differently than a fan other than BTS.

In a letter to ARMY, through Fancafe, Jimin had lovingly written down his thoughts on how BTS loves ARMY wholeheartedly. “We are also confident that we were able to be at least a little help, comfort and strength to you. But, at least at this time, I want to thank you unilaterally. Thank you for having been with us in these times. We do not know until what point we can make in the future. But we will try to move forward without pause. I will not forget that our team may exist because you are with us. I will always treasure the knowledge that the audience called ARMY is waiting in front of us and the grateful heart I have to ARMY. I will be grateful to all my members. I miss you every day. I love you, “ChimChim said. written.

Meanwhile, BTS is working hard on their next album, which will definitely be the most personal one yet, as the members each have a key responsibility for the making of the album. For example, Jimin is the Project Manager for the untitled album and has been updating fans about progress from time to time. For now, each member has participated in the composition of songs that have been released to management. Depending on the theme of the album, the songs have been filtered and chosen. Also, BTS may have already started recording the songs, which will be part of the album.

During an OT7 YouTube Live session, Jin had accidentally told ARMY that the album might be looking for an October 2020 release, which is faster than we thought. For now we have Soul map: the journey wait, which will definitely leave ARMY hooked, in line, and sinking. As we know, that’s what BTS does best!


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