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Gmail Google Meet: Google has created its Google Meet video calling tool directly in Gmail. Google Meet is now available on the Gmail website and has become easier to use. Internet search giant Google launched support for Google Meat video calls and can now make Meat video calls directly from Gmail.

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This feature is launched sequentially for Gmail users, and firstly this support will be provided for work or school account. G Suite users will start and join the options for the Google video meeting and these options will be available directly from the Gmail window. A new section called Meat will be present on the left.

Google Meet video conference can join Gmail from Google Meet

Google has now made its Google Meet business video conferencing tool available on Gmail. That is, directly from Gmail, users can use Google Meat. A search engine owned by Alphabet Inc. gave this information. Explain that the new integration is currently available on the Gmail website. Soon, users who use Gmail on mobile devices will also get this feature.

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Google Meet video conference

Google wrote in their blog post: ‘With Meet in Gmail, you can now easily join or start a meeting in seconds. Our goal is that we can help you, now you can easily switch between email and video meeting according to your needs. ‘Currently, this feature is available on the Gmail website and may soon be launched for the mobile version as well. Google says: “When more and more people are doing work and learning from home. We allow people to connect with each other easily. With Meet in Gmail, you can have a meeting in seconds that starts or you can join. “

To start a video call to Gmail, the user must confirm that the browser has received permission to turn on the camera and microphone. Once they click Start a meeting, the user will get a new window on the right side. All the information of the meeting will be here. After the user joins the call, they will have the option to add other people through the meeting code. In this way, people can also invite people by email or phone.

To join Google Video Meet, users must enter a 10-digit meeting code. The user should also turn on the camera and microphone while joining.

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How to use Gmail to comply: How to use Gmail Google Meet

Users will see the Meet option in the Gmail sidebar. When you expand it, you will see two options of “join a meeting” or “start a meeting”. Now, whatever the click, a new window will open. If you want to join a meeting, join and start a meeting, that is, if you are the host, choose the Start a meeting option.

Let me tell you that there was news last month that there has been a huge leap in the use of the Google Meat Tool. The main reason for this was work from home to people due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. On March 31, the daily use of Google Meat will increase 25 times in January.

Due to the increase in the use of the Google video conferencing tool used especially for business, the veteran search engine has decided to promote it. Let us know that it was recently called Meet instead of Hangouts Meet. Google Hangouts is a video conferencing tool for the Google consumer. Just last week, the company released new security features for education customers who use meat.

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According to Reuters, Google will add more new features to this tool in the coming days. It also includes a design option. That is, up to 16 participants will be able to hold video conferences simultaneously. In addition to this, there will also be an option to filter better video quality and low light background noise.