Star Wars: High Republic Launch Event

In a special live stream event, Lucasfilm released a trailer for its release initiative, this is a cover and concept art never seen before, and announced new details on upcoming books, com mix and more.

Star Wars: The High Republic When the first books of the multimedia initiative come out, it will take off tomorrow.

No to celebrate the new era Star Wars Telling the story, Lucasfilm today opened the doors of Blast on its release epic, in which a special live stream celebrates the January 5 launch. High republic. The event was hosted by Kristin Beaver of, featuring Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siegel and writers collaborating on new stories with Charles Sole, Justina Ireland, Kevan Scott, Daniel Jose Alder and Claudia. During the hour-long conversation, the authors discussed their collaboration, conspiracy theories, and the motivations behind some of the new characters, revealing some of what fans can look forward to if they explore this unfamiliar corner of the galaxy from afar.

Here’s a guess of all the biggest news to come out of the event.

1. Check out that brand new trailer! We think he speaks for himself.


2. In the dark Will introduce us to some new galactic pilots. Gray has shared some insights on his squad of heroes, including Looks, Geode and Effie.

Bonebreaks Ram Jamoram

And. And got our first look at a host of other new characters and Intel. From Bonebreaks to Ty Yorik to Ram Jamoram, High republic Full of new fun creatures, aliens and characters.

4. The character’s motivation drives the gamut. When Gray conceived a Matthew McConaughey-type for one of his smugglers, Alder used his colleague of the day’s radio signal sign as a paramedic, which helped him create a character known as “Bucket of Blood.” You want to hear him tell a story.

5. Sole’s latest new literature Star Wars Insider Is just the beginning. In addition to the series of stories that began in the # 199 issue, Ireland and Scott will write some “Starlight Stories” for the magazine this year.

Scott. Scott will also add an original graphic novel to this mix. Temple Peak Monster Art will be included by Rachel Stout.

From the Shadows cover

7. Ireland will lead us From Shadows. In her first Y novel for the initiative, Ireland will bring on ongoing adventures for JD Knight Vernestra Ruh, Padavan Reth Silas, aspiring inventor Avon Starros, and more.

Race to the crashpoint tower cover

8. Preparing for the elderly Race to the crashpoint tower. The second middle-class novel set in the era will be filled with high-flying entertainment.

Edge of balance cover

9. In addition to Marvel and IDW’s com mix, High republic Wiz Media’s manga format will include the original graphic novel. With a story from Ireland and Shima Shinya and the art of Mizuki Sakakibara, The edge of balance Is the first in a new series.

10. Star will welcome the initiative with a new bi-monthly show. The panel introduced host Christina Ariel, who will take fans on a behind-the-scenes danda dive with producers, artists and writers in a new series. Star Wars The Republic Show.

First Phase: Light of Jedi Phase II: Discovery of Jedi Phase III: Tests of JDI

And the journey is far away. Sigley announced that the announced title is only part of the first phase of the multi-year project rollout. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

  • Phase One: JD’s Light
  • Phase II: Discovery of the JD
  • Phase III: JD tests

See the full panel below for you!

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