Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Review: Star Trek Turning into Star Wars

[Ed. note: One major spoiler ahead for the previous season of Star Trek: Discovery.]

At the end of season 2 Star Trek: DiscoveryThe crew of the title science vessel traveled 930 years into the future so that a rogue AI could not erase all the sensitive life in the galaxy. It was a bold gamble for both the crew and the Shurns, pushing the series from a somewhat nostalgic prequel to the original 1960s. Star Trek Run in an unfamiliar field for track cannon.

The early episodes of Season 3 seem contradictory and unpleasant to viewers as they are only for jumping characters. Taking off immediately after the season 2 climax, season 3 opens with Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green of) Wal King Dead) Controlling the wormhole he created using experimental time-travel techniques. When it lands, it is in a completely different style of science fiction.

750 years after the events of Season 2, a mysterious catastrophe called Burn destroyed most of the delithium, the element that powers rap-drive systems that make it possible to travel faster than light. The United States Plane Planet soon fell, and the galaxy is now a smaller, more fragmented place that looks like From fire Or the wardrobe aspects of Star Wars Jean Rodenberry would have imagined it more closely than it looks. The Starfleet has become a kind of mythical force of law and goodness similar to the JD Star Wars: A New Hope, Some true believers have stuck to their faith that it will bring them back to justice or purpose.

Sonequa as Michael Burnham is in the group of aliens in Martin-Green Star Trek: Discovery

Photo: Michael Gibson / CBS

Michael’s first encounter is with Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajlana) Nightflyers And Supergirl), A character like Han Solo in trouble stealing precious cargo. He very strictly agrees to help by taking him to a mercantile, galactic swap shop, which is definitely the ointment and the villain’s grief. It also has a mysterious ability to spy on healing plants and talk to animals, which it uses to save huge human-food-praising worms from predators. As Michael points out, it is up to him to save them, because without the federation, “there is no one around to enforce the endangered species act.”

Conspiracy and character are allowed for the 1986 film Star Trek: Voyage Home, No mashed with a bit of mysticism Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The man who stole his scene also follows in the method of Man Koon Gruge data pet cat in-spot. Star Trek: Next Generation. But instead of being the franchise touchstones instead, Michael was spinning with a space druid that breaks people’s throats and that sounds like a shocking weird turn for the series. The violence is accompanied by plenty of dissociation in the first two episodes of Season 3 and a particularly brutal murder, which seems to go a long way from “set faces to st to no”.

Disconnect is even more so in the second episode, where Discovery crashes on a planet and tries to get help from the locals. The classic distant team / -n-ship split is straightforward, while Starfleet Idealist Commander Saru (Doug Jones of Dr. The shape of water And Labyrinth of leaves) And Percy engineer Ansign Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) is engaged in hostage negotiations with a killer, laying, spur-and-wearing warrior in the saloon, while teaching B-plot engineers is in the more track domain. Ask for help with repairs.

Star Trek: Discovery This is far from the first show to make a dramatic shift. Shield agents The 591 season traveled to the post-apocalyptic version of 2091 and the final season Fringe A distopion was held in 2036. In both shows, the main characters spend the entire season making sure the future passes. But focus Search Season 3 Think more about making the bad situation better.

Sitting next to shirtless David Ajla in a water-desolate landscape at Sonequa Martin-Green Star Trek: Discovery

Photo: Michael Gibson / CBS

In a surprising glimpse of what was lost, the Federation’s Loyalists spread a version of the organization’s flag in the first episode, and it features only a few stars, representing the interseller union at its height instead of the crowded starscap. As Discovery works to find out what remains of Starfleet and continue its peaceful exploration goal, the third and fourth episodes of the 13-episode season have settled into much more familiar territory. SearchSounds like a new season Star Trek: Voyager, But instead of getting stuck on the other side of the galaxy, the ship was displaced over time. The effect of both is to create crew underdogs who can’t afford powerful backups, forcing them to adapt quickly to their fantastic new surroundings.

There are definitely many possibilities in that dynamic. Without the support of the Starfleet, the inquest into the early order of Discovery was led by Philippa Giorgio (Michelle Yehoney, former Emperor of the Terran Empire and operative of Division 31). Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Who feels that her moral relief is an asset in this monstrous world. The existence of time travel is widely known in the world of Star Trek, so characters learning about the origins of Discovery will not be surprised, so eager to get their hands on the restricted technology and the rare resources that the ship has brought from the past.

In the new setting, runners Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzmann have also given up the freedom to do whatever they want with Star Trek’s Canon, imagining new potential connections and crises without worrying about how they affect potential events. But that freedom is disrupted when they instead try to put a star track spin on stories of resource scarcity and border justice that other popular works of science fiction have already done better.

The best four episodes available to critics include the status of the trail and its symbols, which are used to tell quirky stories subtly in past incarnations of the series. SearchIan Alexander’s Gray and Blue Del Barrio’s Adira have continued to focus on the franchise’s sustainable focus on representation through powerful plots about the challenges of finding your true self. .

That’s fair SearchTheir writers want to make their own way, but they are a little behind the ‘characteristics’ of last season. The relationship between astrologer Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets (Anthony Rappa) and medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) was suddenly resolved in the final stages of Season 2 and has not really been resolved since then, with Michael largely abandoned. Vulcan logic grows with her, and has become a much more common action girl.

Anthony Rapp, Michelle Yeho, Mary Wiseman and Sonequa Martin-Green on the Bridge of Discovery at Star Trek.

Photo: Michael Gibson / CBS

The Crew season of Discovery. Season one faces an identity crisis. Separated from the organization they devoted their lives to almost everyone, they struggle to find new motives and connections. Assessing the crew’s mental state, Hugh says to Saru, “We’re in a rude realm, and they know it.” “Discovery may disappear tomorrow and it will not make a ripple. No one will miss us or mourn.”

Fans have been debating the comparable merits of Star Wars and Star Trek, but the two iconic franchises now feel close to each other, with parts of this season. Search Are found The Mandlorian. While Search Featuring a full-fledged ornamental crew rather than a lone wolf star and an adorable puppet, both series adhere to the remains of a broken organization as they try to live by a strong moral code when they travel through a broken world. The end of the evil galactic empire and the philanthropic federation of left power vacuum filled by brutal opportunists, trying to make a real difference between all the scrabblers and screwdrivers in the end room with plenty of heroes.

For both franchises, moving to a restless territory away from story-defining heroes and villains gives writers the freedom to tell new stories. As soon as possible, imagining such a novel future for the world of Star Trek fits well into the original mission of Starship Enterprise: “to go boldly where no one has gone before.”

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