Star Trek: Discovery goes where the series never came

For the first time in almost 20 years, there are many new ones Star Trek Shows you can see at once. Is there Next generation Sequel series Picard For those who feel nostalgic; Fans wanting to undo a few buttons on their Starfleet uniforms and even drinking beer, there’s a -f-kitter animated come Madi Lower decks. But that’s the series I’m most interested in Star Trek: Discovery, Because he boldly goes there no one else Star Trek The series has never gone before.

I know. .Choo Order. Also Search Hit Real Good. Its third season begins with a pure break from the 23rd century – and yes, you can start from there. Season 2’s final name ended with the crew USS Discovery Leaping 950 years into the future from the 23rd century to the 32nd, an era where no Star Trek show has ever been set.

To erase the cast and their ship from recorded history for a pair or stupid but plausible reason, and you’ve got a show that’s now a franchise vanguard. Search Took a completely new story to go too far to break the relationship with its complex past. He’s Simon Pitt of narrative gymnastics, and yes, he mostly sticks to his landing.

But first, there are the backflips. Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), the character in the series, begins the way the previous one ends at the beginning of the season: in a one-time travel suit, with a dip in the wormhole, Search And his crew runs after him.

In the premiere of the season, which is currently streaming on CBS All Access, Burnham Future No. Track The character has never seen. Thanks to the failure of the space-time quantum, it does not know where the rest is (or when). Search Will come. Around the first four episodes available to critics, Burnham and the rest of the crew unite and have a series of mostly solo adventures visiting the Transformed Galaxy. The institutions they allowed have collapsed, and the disasters they did not anticipate have restored the balance of power between people and the worlds. This means Search Always asking difficult questions: How do you hold on to your values ​​when you are alone? And then: do you know when they’re not long enough?

These are kind of winky things Star Trek It’s all about, and it’s exciting to watch Search Go all-in while doing some beautiful scientific work. (Later episodes involving Western tributes and Trippy’s spiritual confusion.) It’s a nice recovery, although some of the contradictions are resolved a little too nicely. In addition to the narrative, Search Moving on to even better real-world performances – new faces include Blue Del Barrio and Ian Alexander, the first to cast trans and non-binary artists. Star Trek – But the success of that leap forward depends largely on whether the subsequent episodes, outside of the episodes they present, take new characters in new directions.

Even so, Search Sounds good. The show tells stories about incredible futures and how to meet them, which is considered especially important at a time when it seems impossible to make it with respect all day long. We are all enduring years of unique endeavors, and getting to hell from here has never been more exciting. With Search, You can rocket to another galaxy and time, and try to understand the unknown to different groups of able friends and colleagues.