South Dakota Healthcare CEO says he had Covid-19 but won’t come to work wearing a mask: report

One person standing in front of the building sued: Sanford Health's chief executive officer, Calby Crab Benhoft, philanthropist T.  Danny Sanford is announcing a $ 125 million gift that will establish a program on Tuesday to integrate heredity into primary care and internal medicine.  January 7, 2014, in Sioux Falls, S.D.  AP Photo / Dirk Lemmers

ફોટો AP Photo / Dirk Lemmers
Chief Executive Officer of Sanford Health, Kelby Cranb oft Noft, philanthropist t. Danny Sanford announces $ 125 million gift that will establish a program to integrate heredities into primary care and internal medicine on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, in Sussex Falls, S.D. AP Photo / Dirk Lemmers

The debate over whether to wear a mask to reduce the spread of coronavirus is over for the CEO of the South Dakota Healthcare System.

Calford Crab Benhoft of Sanford Health wrote to staff in an email that he had experienced COVID-19, but had returned to work and would not donate a mask.

In an email obtained by CNN, Crab Benhoft said “ignores the effectiveness and purpose of the mask to wear and sends a false message that I am susceptible to infection or that it can infect.”

“I’m not interested in using the mask as a symbolic gesture,” he added, CNN reports.

Currently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends wearing a mask, even if someone has already had Covid-19, the first novel coronavirus-induced respiratory disease in China in 2019 and is now affecting more than 12 million Americans. It is unclear whether any of the COVID-19 disorders give the patient immunity.

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South Dakota is in a state of Covid-19 outbreak, as U.S. Vaccines, which are expected to be implemented in early 2020, are ready to fight the epidemic. Governor Christy Noime has not used force to force the state government to wear a mask.

Sanford Health distances itself from Crabbenhoft’s comments, citing CNN, citing a statement from executive vice-president Mika Eberson.

“Calby Krabenhoft’s email was based on his own experience with Covid-19 and his personal opinions about the virus. They do not reflect the views of our health system,” he told CNN.

The CEO’s email went away frustrated by the inconsistent public-health message around the mask. According to CNN, in his email, he said that for those who did not sign the Kovid-19, the mask is a sensible choice.

This did not stop Sanford employees from complaining about Krabenhoft’s condition.

An anonymous nurse told CNN, “It’s horrible to read this from the hospital’s CEO. “

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