Sony has promised to give more PS5 stock for the holidays after ‘unprecedented’ demand

Sony confirmed on Wednesday that more PlayStation 5 consoles are available from retailers this holiday season, after the company now says its biggest “launch”.

Without concrete numbers, we have no idea what that means – the company could refer to how many consoles were actually bought by customers, known as sales, or the less impressive number of consoles bought by retailers. Without context or clarity, it’s hard to say.

Regardless, it’s no secret the PS5 and its rivals, the Xbox Series X / S, are pretty hard to find right now. Microsoft announced earlier this month that both new Xbox consoles would run out of supply by spring time next year. This is due to the sale of cluttered and inconsistent retailers and the scooping of inventory during the small slivers of time of butt-welding scalpers after which Target or Walmart re-stocking.

This is also possible because these devices are difficult to build, however, neither Microsoft nor Sony have made much sense of how many units were ready to launch before 2021 or even expect to sell the ship. So maybe it’s hard to find these devices because these companies just haven’t made enough plans, and the “unprecedented” demand Sony says it is looking for for the PS5 increases supply. It’s another reminder that the game industry seems totally unsuitable for hardware sales for a number of reasons.

So if you’re still looking for the PS5, know that Sony is promising more units over the coming months. But there is not much that is better than “getting in touch with your local retailers”.