Somewhere here an ancient relic

A search is underway for an apricot-sized meteorite near Iguillon, France. Astronomy cameras at the Maurix spot a small space rock falling to Earth in southwestern France last week. Guardian. The meteorite landed near Igillon, about 60 miles southeast of Bordeaux, at 10:43 a.m. Saturday, but no one has found it yet. And it’s not for lack of effort. Posters have been put up around asking for help in finding the five-ounce rock and notifying the occupants of the valuables between them. “Fresh meteors like this, which fell a few days ago, have not been changed by the Earth’s atmosphere and therefore contain very valuable information for scientists,” explains Michael Wilmart, who manages the observatory.

According to locals, Wilmart said in a statement that meteors with a generally shiny, burnt exterior are “remnants of the formation of the solar system.” According to NASA, they “represent some of the most original, diverse material that formed the planets millions of years ago.” Some even come from Mars. “We’re really counting the people to see in their garden or on the side of the road,” says Wilmart. “They can only stumble upon a rock they’ve so desperately wanted.” Is part of a network that attempts to track and identify 10 or more meteors landing in France each year, but there is no guarantee of success. “(This guy most likely found a meteor.)