Solar mounts included within ‘milestone’, $ 1.5 trillion US infrastructure bill

The Advancement Act is a combination of several prospective bills.  Image: Flickr / Matt Wade.

The Advancement Act is a combination of several prospective bills. Image: Flickr / Matt Wade.

Measures designed to support solar and other renewable energy in the US have been proposed. USA Within a $ 1.5 trillion infrastructure investment bill, introduced by House Democrats.

The ‘Forward Act’ itself began as the INVEST in America Act, a $ 500 billion bill intended to support the rebuilding of America’s highways. However, House Democrats have fused it with other laws to create a gigantic $ 1.5 trillion infrastructure package to boost the nation’s economy.

The Moving Forward Act now presents a significant investment package for the US transportation, housing, connectivity, water and, most pertinently, clean energy sectors. USA, with a series of measures designed to help them move forward.

Prospective measures to support renewable energy include;

  • A modernization of energy infrastructure, including an investment of more than $ 70 billion to help modify grids to accommodate more renewable energy sources;
  • A commitment to “revitalize” the country’s commitment to clean energy by building existing tax incentives, and;
  • Promote green energy and energy efficiency projects that adopt highway labor practices.

While the Advancement Law obviously has a significant journey ahead before it can become law, it represents a growing appetite for governments around the world to turn to clean energy as a means of increasing their economic fortune. as they recover from the crash. of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any commitment by the US government. USA To extend tax incentives for the deployment of renewable energy, especially in the context of a declining Investment Tax Credit, would also be well received by the US solar industry. USA

Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), said the trade body was ready to work with bipartisan leaders in both the House and Senate on policies that “help place workers American plots in a position to lead the economic recovery. ” . “

“We know that with the right policies, including many of the proposals in the Advancement Act, clean energy can add hundreds of billions of dollars in investment and perhaps a million or more jobs to the economy.

“Nearly ninety percent of Americans support policies to promote a clean energy future. We will continue to work with Congress to push for policies that help restore lost solar jobs and resume the progress of our industry in the Solar + decade. ”

The US solar industry USA It has been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, with the slowdown in residential facilities and the loss of jobs as the economic impact continues to reverberate. In March, SEIA expressed fear that up to half of US solar jobs. USA They could be lost in the new aftermath of the coronavirus, and last week’s analysis by ACORE suggested that another 27,000 clean energy jobs had been lost last month, bringing the total to more than 620,000 – about 100,000 of which came directly from The renewable energies.

Of course, there have already been attempts to include supports for clean energy, and solar in particular, within economic stimulus packages in the United States. However, attempts to include an extension for the solar ITC within an initial package of measures designed to support the United States economy were unsuccessful.

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