Smith or Jason Derulo – who is more popular on ticket ok?

The Ticket OK app has exploded during the epidemic and made a popular impression on many ordinary people. The social media platform has also attracted established celebrities like Will Smith and Jason Derulo who were looking for new ways to connect with their fans during the lockdown. Smith and Derulo have become so popular on the app that they have tied up their success and turned it into hilarious meat. But the question remains – which one is really more popular on ticket ok?

Will Smith ticket ok c
Will Smith | Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Top celebrities on ticket ok are not established celebrities

As per the Evening Standard note, both Smith and Derulo have been very successful on ticket ok. Both made the list of the top 10 most followed stars on the platform. However, they were far below the list. Here are the top eight commoners who have become famous on Tiktok after presenting themselves as dancers, comedians and trendsetters.

The most followed person on the ticket ok is 16-year-old Charlie D’Amilio, A.K.A. “Ticket ok Kani Rani.” The trained competitive dancer began gaining connections with her dance videos in late 2019, and her popularity boomed during the epidemic. It currently has 86 86.7 million followers and is estimated to have a networth of around million 1 million.

Coming in second is another rival dancer, 19-year-old Edison Roy. She joined Ticket Joined Kama in 2019 to upload dance videos and has since become a full-time content producer. He is considered to be the highest earning star on the ticket ok. With 60.3 million followers, it has partnered with Reebok, Hollister, American Eagle and L’Oreal. There is also a podcast on Spotify with his mother. His total wealth is estimated at about 5 5 million.

Wison Smith has more followers on ticket ok than Jason Derulo

As of October 16th, Smith has more followers on Tiktok than Derulo. But, their numbers are very close. Smith – whose bio describes him as “the only child of West Philly” – has 38.5 million followers. At the same time, Derulo has 37.7 million followers.

But, because Smith has more followers than Derulo, that doesn’t make it more popular. Smith has posted 48 videos and has received a total of 195.5 million likes since joining the platform in October 2019.

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The number of Derulos is also large. He joined Ticket OK in March 2018 and has posted numerous videos since then. It also got 824.6 million likes. Depending on the popularity of a judge, either can come to the top.

Either way, they are both extremely successful and have focused on each other’s work on the platform. This led to Smith and Derulo uniting for videos, showing that the two are at war with each other over fun on followers.

Fans will laugh out loud with videos of Jason Derulo and Will Smith

Over the summer Derulo and Smith started posting videos with each other. Smith posted the first collaborative video with Derulo on August. It featured Bell-Air’s Fresh Prince unloading a hoodie from a clothes rack and throwing it on a table.

When the hoodie hits the table, Derulo appears in a sweatshirt. From the visual effect it looks like the singer hits him on the head. In the caption, Smith wrote, “@Jasonderulo said he catches me on followers so don’t let this flop.”

Derulo also shared a video, but with a split screen. On the other hand, to reduce the alleged swelling from the injury, Derulo was reacting to it with a stationary pat on his head.

Since then, the two have posted videos together showing the two in different situations. In one clip the pair was shown in an eyebrow dance battle. The latest video on Smith’s page shows him playing beer punging and unbelievable shots. It cuts Derulo behind the camera, which actually makes shots.

The two make an argument about who gets this footage and Derulo runs away from the camera. Later, Derulo posted a split screen video on Instagram. On the one hand there was a video of Smith’s beer packing ticket ok, on the other hand Derulo was reacting while counting while in the bandage.

In the caption, Derulo wrote, “Don’t meet your heroes, they will try and kill you @Willsmith.”