Slog PM: Parts of Europe enter another lockdown, COVID case in King County, and Redmond will trade you gift cards for hotel reservations – Slog

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Germany will re-enter the lockdown. Ditto France and Poland. The “fatal” increase in COVID cases prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel to start applauding the activities. German Health Minister Jens Spahn told the BBC the conspiracy to create “some more challenging weeks ahead” was due to the growing number of cases and the variety of outbreaks among young people. Representatives of these European countries, which suspended the administration of the ra strazeneca vaccine this week (ultimately absolute) fearing it caused blood clots, also said they did not have enough vaccines to slow the spread.

Following a plateau, King County has seen a 13% increase in cases over the past two weeks: At its weekly press conference on Friday, the head of Public Health Seattle and King County, Dr. Jeff Duchenne welcomed the vaccine-related optimism but stressed that we cannot make it “blind us” to the reality that “the risk is not gone.”


Jacob Lawrence’s S.A.M. Watch the series of relentless struggles again – the demonstrations just stopped on the west coast.

The good news: The past two weeks have seen no new outbreaks in long-term care facilities in the county (although there have been 17 outbreaks in the county recently), and about 0% of the county population has been vaccinated, although racial discrimination remains. . The county finally has enough eyeballs on the new variants – the CDC recommends that we test 5% of all types of positive cases, and by this week we are testing 6%.

The bad news: Now that the county is appearing more, they are looking for more types. King County now has 93 cases of more viral and fatal UK variants, six cases from South Africa and two cases from the Brazilian variant. The UK variable is likely to become dominant this month, Duchenne said. However, we will see fewer deaths as these die, but Duchenne warned that COVID-19 is “not a benign disease for young adults.” New research from Washington and Washington University shows that 1/3 of those who catch the error develop long-term symptoms. “Increasing activities with increasing types is a dangerous combination,” Duchin added. Duchenne added that the case is growing and raises concerns that people may be “abandoning the necessary levels of caution” because of optimism about the vaccine.

So please, everyone: Keep wearing your mask, keep your distance and limit trips. Again, just because business lobbyists have successfully pushed the government to ease sanctions does not mean we are not in an epidemic. In other words: just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do something. We are close to a time when the risks will be very low, so be careful for that.

The CDC shrinks the standard of social distance in schools: Now teachers just need to keep the small desk that fills that step apart from three feet instead of one foot to six feet, according to the Associated Press. This step can make the game of covid easier. Tetris School District, in time for summer, is to play to bring children back to safe schools!

I want to catch this joke in the wild:

This LA Times Talked to family members of racist Atlanta massacre victims: “Gutting” is true.

No harsh jokes? No good people on either side? No, only the President and the Vice President use their bandages to condemn hatred and to console the mourning community. According to New York Times, President Biden and V.P. Kamala Harris acknowledged and condemned racism, xenophobia and sexism in America. Biden reassured the bereaved families. “The day will come when your memory brings tears to your eyes before it brings your smile, which is supposed to be the case now. It will take a while, but I promise you it will come. And when it happens, only then. It will be “the day you know you will make it,” he said.

While it’s nice that Biden is speaking out against hate, It would have been great if she had put anti-xenophobic and anti-racism rhetoric into action in relation to something we are standing down on that South Bear. A media column at Limit Washington Post Talked to a crowd of reporters covering the recent increase in people migrating north to avoid natural disasters and the consequences of COVID-19, and it seems Biden is even worse than Trump on transparency. “The Biden administration has adopted an unwritten set of restrictions on access to information to the media, on emergency management,” Eric Wemple wrote, rejecting all requests from journalists to photograph or tour crowded facilities. It’s disgusting to say that, but it’s true about fucking Sean Hannity: “They’re now telling Border Patrol agents, no rides, any media requests to send them to Washington.” It is not transparent. What competent government – what are they trying to hide? “

U.S. in Alaska China Chatin with: After the Chinese and American diplomats exchanged some “drama” at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, the two sides “got into business” on some serious international issues, according to Al Jazeera reports. Wants to free China from two Canadian prisons. At our behest, Canada accused China of spying after Fischer, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, was accused of spying. , “Plus” Recent moves and hacking attempts on Taiwan. ”

If only San Mona Das’s Karen / Ken bill had passed early, So in Tacoma it would be a fair case to call the newspaper carrier or the Pierce County Sheriff to call half the county officials using the power of his office to protect the black, “homeless,” “fighter.” To kill him. “It’s all descriptive, this Seattle Times Tell us, his officer’s own predictions, and good evidence of law enforcement’s general attitude towards homeless people. (The official said he did not know the newspaper’s carrier was Black when he called the cops.) In the audio duo of the call, the sheriff expressed feelings of victimization and racist paranoia described by Takuma Kop’s son who operated his cruiser. By the crowds at the drag race. Das’s bill passed the Senate, and will be heard in the House on Tuesday.

Amazon claims ચોરી 8.2 million in wage theft: The two drivers said Amazon forced them to “work without lunch or breaks” because they delivered packages to a company with which the trillion-dollar company contracts. Amazon said Seattle Times, Who have covered the story, do not tolerate labor violations. (They just settle them, I guess.) In any case, the drivers for the contractor will get .5 5.5 million from the class action claim.

Got some news to follow-up from Black Decision in Seattle Times: The county prosecuting attorney’s office fee (SCPAO) in Spock filed a motion in the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision to strike the state’s easy-to-possession drug law. In motion, SCPAO Larry Haskell argued somewhat that it was “unclear whether all members of this court regarded the decision as a very different outcome” because the court was “not immediately represented” about the antecedent effect of a majority decision. Most people didn’t know what they were doing when they were breaking the law The criminal legal system had been racistly applied for decades. Anyway, this Times King County prosecutor Dan Clark said he “acknowledged that such moves are often denied,” so the verdict would probably still stand. But we’ll see!

Grocery industry appeals risk pay claim dismissed: These greedy small big grocery grocers filed an appeal yesterday after a federal judge ruled that, Seattle, in fact, big grocery store chains could say they could give their frontline workers a temporary increase of $ 4 an hour, according to King 5.

Seattle’s City Council districts need to be rebuilt: And S.C.C. Insights did some math, figured out which districts needed to be developed or shrunk, and suggested a new map. If the Redistribution Commission draws lines that look like this, then, after a very brief look at the pre-2019 results, and despite not having a sufficient understanding of how epidemics and protests have shaped the political tilt of existing districts, I Seems. Political dynamics remain the same in more and more districts, except that the district becomes more NIMBY. Not that you ever need permission, but please exclude me for free for this flyby analysis in the comments.

Another manifestation of our necro-economic model: According to King 5 reports, Redmond City is tapping Los Tax Dollars to fund m100 giftcards for people staying in participating hotels for more than two days within the city. Gift cards “work on participating restaurants, bakeries, fitness centers and other local attractions around the city.” It’s hard to see this effort to promote tourism as anything other than a case in point, but what do you pay people to stay at home? Yes, New Zealand What is this?

From donors: This Sunday, Lady Jay from West Seattle is giving away “100 German ‘street-style’ brat shirts, starting at 11am. It will be Bretwurst in a split-top bun with mustard and some ketchup.” According to the West Seattle Blog. It’s early lunch, but who can’t say hot pumpkin? Sit vegetarians. I know you are True, But no moral consumption etc. under capitalism etc.