Simms quarterback countdown to top 40, No. 2: Russell Wilson

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And then there were two. And there are two quarterbacks who are currently the best in the NFL.

One of them is not a surprise (and you know who it is, right?). The other will surprise many, because Russell Wilson, ranked No. 2 on Chris Simms’ top 40 quarterbacks countdown, has yet to receive the appreciation he deserves.

Simms and I looked at some of his work on Thursday PFT Live, and we try to understand why he is not considered more widely as one of the best quarterbacks in soccer. One possibility is this: it makes it seem so easy and offers great plays so fast that we don’t recognize how special your game is while it’s happening.

Players like Patrick Mahomes have an exciting and frenetic quality in the configuration of their spectacular plays. There is a quality of hair on fire in their movements as they chase after him, crowned with something unexpected, unusual and highly effective. With Wilson, the change from the collapse of the play to the makeshift play that saves the day happens quickly, sometimes in the blink of an eye. The walls begin to close, and Wilson instinctively spins and delivers the ball with an understated release of speed and precision before the drywall, wood, and brick really move.

The best way to understand it is to look at some of Wilson’s best plays, one after the other. Rarely is there anything that moves the fan to the edge of the seat before Wilson has gone up or back or turned or turned and then delivered like a bump hits a perfect pass to a wide receiver.

It usually ends almost before the start, and it keeps people from realizing that Russell Wilson, with many years left in the tank, could end up being one of the all-time greats.