Signed the first contract for a tourist walk in outer space, the Russian Space Corporation reveals


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Sputnik International

Roscosmos and Space Adventures have been cooperating in space tourism since 2001, when the first space tourist, Dennis Tito, entered orbit. Since then, a total of seven people have been in space under the space tourism program.

The first contract for a tourist walk in outer space was signed, the Russian space corporation Energia said. The company is slated for 2023.

“RSC Energia and the US company Space Adventures Inc. signed a contract to implement a short expedition for two participants in space flight to the Russian segment of the International Space Station in 2023, aboard a Soyuz-MS,” Energia said in a statement. .

During this expedition, “one of the participants in the space flight will perform an outer space walk with a professional Russian cosmonaut.”

The statement comes after the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos and the US company Space Adventures signed a contract in February 2019 to organize the flight of two space tourists to the ISS before the end of 2021. Tourists will fly to the Space Station. International (ISS)) aboard a Russian Soyuz MS-20 spacecraft and you will have a unique opportunity to celebrate the New Year in orbit.

According to Roscosmos, the agency has already begun customizing the Soyuz spacecraft for tourist travel so that one person can pilot it instead of a three-person crew. The ship is being built in partnership with US space tourism company Space Adventures.