Sia Maddie defends her decision to cast Ziegler in ‘Music’.

The “Chandelier” singer appeared on Australia’s “The Sunday Project” to explain the rationale behind his historical choice. Ziegler is ready to play music, a teenager with autism who lives with his drug-dealing sister Zoo, played by Kate Hudson.

“I realized that it’s not the ability, I mean it’s the ability that I’m guessing, but it’s really nepotism because I can’t do any project without it. I don’t want to. I wouldn’t make art if it didn’t. ‘It doesn’t include,’ Sia said.

The singer faced a backlash from some in the autistic community, with people saying he should cast someone who is actually on the autism spectrum instead of Ziegler, who appears in Ciaz’s music video.

Siegel added that Ziegler feared the episode would be capping, but he said he had been involved in rehearsals, according to medical experts.

“She was crying on the first day of rehearsal and she was really scared and said, ‘I don’t want anyone to think I’m making fun of them.’ I said boldly, ‘I won’t let that happen.’ Sia said.

“Last week I realized I couldn’t really protect her from that, which I think I can do,” Sia added. “We’ve sent her to the Child Mind Institute and she’s achieved 100% accuracy of performance. I realize there are some things I can’t protect her from trying.”