Sharon Osborne just blows her career over Meghan Markle

W.The hat is on The talk? CBSA announced that its next day’s panel show was at a later interval a day later Disputed exchange Hosts Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood went viral, with Osborne now being accused by anonymous sources of using racist and homophobic language against her former teammates and her colleagues and creating a “toxic atmosphere” on set.

The play began on March 9, when the former Good morning Britain Host and Twitter provocateur Pierce Morgan made a sensitive comment about Mapan Markle after a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. After the state on ITV’s morning news program Marcel said of his suicidal ideation during his time as Duchess of Sussex, he “didn’t believe a word”, Morgan raised thousands of complaints on the network and eventually quit the show after being investigated by UK communications regulator com Fakom. . The next day The talk, Osborne defended Morgan, whom she describes as her friend, but was pressed by her fellow co-hosts Underwood and Elaine Vellore, both black women, as to why she would support someone when making racist remarks.

The conversation takes a hostile turn when Osborne was clearly upset, claiming she felt like she was being put in an “electric chair” and forcibly demanding that Underwood educate her on how racist Morgan’s comments were. ” doing. When Underwood became obsessed with trying to persuade the racist Andersen of Morgan’s remarks, Osborne cried, “If anyone is crying, it should be me.”

As one can imagine in the year 2021, this clip, especially with black people, did not grow well on Twitter. While some users Praised Underwood, for keeping quiet during the heated conversation, many expressed their anger at Osborne’s aggressive opponent and questioned why black women should keep quiet to face abuse from whites in the workplace.

With the circulation of the video, the work behind the line between Osborne, his lawyer, his former colleagues, CBS and his critics almost did not stop. On Friday, the same day Osborne issued a lengthy Sorry On Twitter, co-hosted actress Holly Robinson Pt The talk In its first season, Tweeted Osborne has allegedly complained that she is a “ghetto” and suggests he was involved in getting out of the show. Twitter users a To tweet From a former co-host of The talk Leah Remini back in 2012, in which the actress referred to Osborne using racial terms to describe her and Robinson Pete. Users also pointed to a video clip of Osborne in 2018 that Meghan Markle was “not black” because “she doesn’t look black.”

The next day, in a special interview with Diversity, Osborne vehemently denied “ghetto”, although a Twitter user posted Video She talked to Remini while she was using it on the show. She also said she felt “subtlety” through it The talkDuring the Pierce Morgan segment the producers claimed that they did not know they would discuss with them.

On Monday, CBS quickly responded to the devastation by opening an online with an announcement that it was conducting an “internal review” of the incident between Osburn and Underwood and suspended the show until Wednesday. Yesterday, however, the show’s duration was extended by the network after journalist Yashar Ali published a report on his substack, exposing Osborne’s alleged use of racist and homophobic language towards his former colleagues Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert. Along with other general allegations that decades have passed from some sources, Remini alleges in the article that Osborne refers to Chen, a Chinese-American who used “Wanton” and “slanderous eyes” as well as racial slurs against Italians. She also made claims, which were corroborated by my multiple anonymous sources, including Osborne Gilbert (The talkIn addition to the former co-host (producer and executive producer), who is a lesbian, also known as “Bit Liquor” and “Fish Eater”.

Remini alleges in the article that Osborne referred to Chen-American, Chen as “Wanton” and “Slanti Eyes” as well as… Gilbert (producer and former co-host in addition to “The Talk”), “Bit Liquor” and Who is the lesbian as the “fish eater”.

If this saga can’t get any busier, Osborne sat down with him Entertainment tonight To relay next to his story yesterday, but not before the recent allegations have subsided. In his only response to the incident with Underwood, Osborne expressed regret for denying Underwood’s feelings, saying that his reaction was coming from a place of “pain” and “fear”.

“I wish we could communicate peacefully with adults and do our job but I don’t know if we can,” Osborne said. ET. “I don’t know if he’s gone in the past. I like it but I don’t even know if I want to go back … I don’t know if I wanted to be there. “

Eventually during the interview, Osborne slates between expressing remorse and rationalizing his ignorance. It is unfortunate that, at this point, the television host still thinks he is “not racist” – more importantly emphasizing – he did not admit that he had committed an act of racial harm against a black person. Additionally, the implication is that she doesn’t consider it an “adult conversation” with Underwood, even though her co-host showed nothing but patience and calm in response to her hysterics, white people often feel representative of her preconceptions about her temperament. Black women. It seems that what Osborne really means “I don’t know if we can” can communicate is that she doesn’t really want to.

Osborne also mentions that his other black co-host, Elaine Velloreth (at the time) is open to talking about the incident on the show, which is ultimately Welterthoth’s bias. But it is unfortunate how often black people have to do this kind of emotional labor, in addition to the regular duties of their jobs.

Whether Osborne and Underwood will be able to work together again seems inconsistent, as the former is hard to imagine – who seems more eager to jump into the ship considering the consequences of his behavior – then releases himself in the public eye. Given the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans over the past year due to a series of recent allegations of COVID-19, CBS will likely push harder at some point to sever ties with Osborne, based on its alleged remarks to Julie Chen. However, it does not take every race and sexuality to be insulting or Orbourne to be in the trend of the network to believe that the comfort of their employees is more important than a person’s job status.

Whether or not Osborne miraculously returns to the show, I doubt this will be the last we heard about him at this fiasco. Like most powerful white people with problematic views, she would have another platform available to vent her anger against “canceled culture” and “awareness” if she wanted to.