Sending mail with PostNL: 6 tips!

I like mail! You too? Both sending and receiving mail is great fun. Unfortunately it is on the pricey side and there are all requirements. That sometimes makes it a little less fun for both the sender and receiver … Because I want to encourage the sending of (nice!) Mail, I give six tips for sending mail. Because: real mail is so much more fun!

1. Format
Something you should pay attention to when sending mail is the format of your shipment. A card or letter in envelope will not be a problem so quickly. These often already meet the minimum and maximum dimensions of PostNL. If you yourself are going to make a snail mail for example, it is useful to think about this.

Minimum format
The minimum size is 9 x 14 cm. Smaller cards and envelopes are sent, but I do not recommend it. I worked in preparation at PostNL myself. As a result, I know from experience that small mail items are quickly lost because they are between larger items. My tip is to take a large (er) envelope if you want to put a small mail item on the bus. This way you have more certainty that it will arrive!

Maximum format
The maximum size for letterbox mail is 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm. More than with the minimum format, this is really a limit. Larger mail items simply cannot pass through the letterbox and will therefore have to be sent by parcel post. This is unfortunately a lot more expensive, so it’s better to take this into account in advance! Hereby it is especially important for snail mail to take the thickness of your mail item into account.

2. Weight
In addition to the format, weight is also an important factor when sending mail. The costs are based on this and a few grams can sometimes make the difference between two, three or more stamps. Keep the weight in mind when creating your mail item so that the costs do not get out of hand! Certainly if your shipment has to go abroad, for example. A handy overview of all rates can be found on the PostNL website. Oh yes, it is useful to stay under 2 kilos: above that it also becomes parcel post. But I don’t expect this to be so quickly with snailmail.

3. Glue up
With the mail it sometimes happens that mail items arrive, but that the content is completely or partially gone. The packaging can also simply be damaged. To prevent this, it is better to ensure that your mail item is properly closed. For this, stick all open ends tightly! Please note: in the case of mourning or other important mail, the envelope must be open.

4. Sender
I always try to put myself as a sender on a mail item. For personal shipments I do this on the back of an envelope (this is common). For Post & Paper orders, my postcode and house number are on the address label. This is all the mail needs! Why would you put a sender on it? Because of two reasons:

Can’t receive your mail item? PostNL is happy to send it back for you! This may be due to, for example, a wrong address, but also if the person simply no longer lives there. This way your mail will not be lost!

It is of course possible that your mail item has been stamped incorrectly. I usually go to the post office myself, but even then things sometimes go wrong. I have experienced this several times, unfortunately. In this case it is not pleasant if the recipient receives the bill. The fine goes to you with your data. But the best remains of course, so frank your mail sufficiently.

5. Mailbox package
Nowadays it is possible to send parcels within the Netherlands via letterbox post. At post offices this is slightly more expensive than the heaviest stamp rate, but with online franking you get a discount, which means that you are cheaper. The advantage of this is that you get a track & trace, so you can track your mail until it is delivered. Just like parcel deliverers, the package of postmen also scans as soon as they throw it through the letterbox. I use this option myself especially when I send a swap.

6. Party!
Last but not least: turn the mail into a party! Forget all the tips above until you actually send your mail item and just get started. Making and sending mail should be fun! Are you ready? Make a festive whole from the outside. Have fun sending mail!

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