Sen before the Georgia runoff with Asif. Quarantine after David Perdue approached Kovid

Sen. of Georgia after contacting someone who tested positive for Covid-19. David Perdue said Thursday, less than a week after the Republican runout election against Democrat John Osoff, in his campaign.

Perdu has tested negative for coronavirus, according to his campaign, which did not say how long the 71-year-old will remain in quarantine.

His fight against Osof in Georgia on Tuesday will determine whether Russian Republicans or Democrats have a majority control over the U.S. Senate.

In the second race, Pardu’s fellow Republican, Sen. Democrat Rev. Kelly Loffler. Raphael belongs to Warnock. Recent polls suggest a tight race in each race.

Perdu was scheduled to attend the New Year’s Eve rally and concert with Gaffley in Gainesville on Thursday afternoon.

“Senator Perdu was informed this morning that he has been in close contact with someone on the campaign who has tested positive for COVID-19,” Perdu’s campaign said in a statement.

“Senator Perdue and his wife have both undergone a negative test today, but their doctor has followed the doctor’s recommendations and accordingly [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] Guide, they will be different. The senator and his wife have been tested regularly during the campaign, and the team will follow CDC guidelines. More information will be provided when available. “

Loffler became self-conscious at the start of the competition after receiving the result of the draw Covid exam on November 21st. She did not test positive for the virus.

Senator David Perdue (R-GA) speaks during a campaign event as he contests the election at the Old Blind Dog Irish Pub in Milton, Georgia on December 21, 2020.

El Drago | Reuters

In the final days before Tuesday, Republicans have been trying to get votes, as Democrats in the data show had an advantage in early voting.

When asked during a Fox News interview how closely she and Perdue are coordinating their running efforts, Lofler said, “Our campaign has a statewide operation of 1,000 people with 8,000 polling observers in addition to 40,000 volunteers. So we’re doing our best. One day to get out in Georgia, work with Georgia voters, make sure they’re at stake. They know they’re getting out. “

“The future of the country is on the line,” Loffler said of the runout.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to campaign for Purdue and Loffler in Georgia on Monday.

President-elect Joe Biden is due to travel to Atlanta on Monday and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris plans to visit Savannah Sunday to give stumps to Osof and Vernonck in final pressure before election day.

If both Perdue and Loffler win their run-up, the Republican Senate will get a majority of seats. The Democratic Caucus, which includes two independents, is the Sen. of Vermont. Bernie Sanders and Angus King of Maine will have 48 seats.

If Osaf and Vernonck win, the Democratic Caucus will have 50 seats. The vote for Vice President-elect Harris will give Democrats control of the Senate. Democrats currently control the House of Representatives and will continue to do so in 2021, despite losing several seats in the chamber.

The Covid crisis has been a major issue in the campaign trail. The Purdue Democrats in particular have come under scrutiny over allegations of improper stock trading at the onset of the coronavirus epidemic.

O’Sullivan and Walker Perk have criticized the handling of the cord crisis curtain and loafers, while incumbent senators have blamed Democrats for stalling efforts to pass a relief package.

Most recently, Osif and Perdue seized Trump’s pressure for a ચેક 2,000 stimulus check as an opportunity to criticize Senate Republicans for their earlier outspoken opposition to direct payments in the Covid relief negotiation process. Paradu and Lofler, who have strongly associated themselves with Trump, later backed the president’s request for a large direct payment, breaking with many Senate Republicans.

More than 647,800 cases of covid have been reported in Georgia this year, with 10,846 deaths attributed to coronavirus in the state.

As of Wednesday, more than 8.8 million Georgians had cast their ballots in the 201st election, the state’s record turnout for a run-up election.