Selena Gomez accused Facebook of spreading “scientific ambiguity” about coronavirus

Selena Gomez believes that Facebook could be responsible for spreading the intentional ambiguity about the novel coronavirus for “thousands of deaths.”

The 28-year-old pop star took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a video featuring Imran Ahmed, the founding CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hats (CCDH), who spoke to BBC News about how big tech companies report related information. COVID-19.

In a clip shared on Gomez’s account, Ahmed is questioned about Facebook’s earlier claim that it removes misinformation “that could cause physical harm” and about the vaccine. He claimed through the findings of his task force that companies like Facebook are not taking down exactly as many posts as they claim to have.

“So we took 1000 bits of misinformation. We got some volunteers to report it using their own systems … less than 5% were taken down,” Ahmed claimed. “And this is what happens when you actually check on them. The truth is that we have been gaslit by social media companies who say they are trying hard but in reality they are doing absolutely nothing.”

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Gomez, whose Twitter account has a million 64 million followers, called Facebook to make sure he was keeping an eye on what he said on his platform.

“There is scientific disinformation and it will cost a life. It is stated in Facebook that they do not allow the spread of COVID and vaccine on their platform. So how is all this still happening?” Gomez tweeted.

“Lose you to love me” the singer continued: “Facebook will be responsible for thousands of deaths, if they don’t take action now!”

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Gomez was hailed by the Center for Countering Digital Hats for joining the “aggression” against Facebook and giving “profits by prolonging the epidemic”.

A Facebook spokesperson, however, claimed that the company is committed to speaking the true facts regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are committed to reaching out to as many people as possible with accurate information about the vaccine, and we have partnered with WHO and UNICEF to do so. The number has been reduced. “Verified by WHO and CDC,” said a statement on behalf of the social media platform.

It continues: “We also label pages and groups that frequently share vaccine scams, reduce their posts in the news feed, and do not recommend anyone. We continue to remove accounts and content that violate our policies and this is the only There are more than 80 fact-checking organizations around the world. “

In July, Facebook created a section in its COVID-19 information center, called “Facts About COVID-19,” in which the World Health Organization would “dismantle the general belief about the epidemic.”

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At the time, a Facebook spokesperson told Fox Business that the company has been connecting people with authoritative information on COVID since January and the information center has been alive since March. Facebook said His efforts connected 2 billion people with information from health officials.

Similarly, reports received earlier this month claimed that the social media giant was changing its hate-speech algorithms to make it a priority for minority groups to prioritize targeted posts. The initiative, known as the Project Project, aims to improve Facebook’s automated systems that can immediately detect banned hate speech and racial slurs on the website, the Washington Post quoted internal documents as saying.