See photos of the Ariana Grande Midsommar theme party

Although he couldn’t get his hands on MidsommarIn May Queen’s dress, when she was up for auction in May, Ariana Grande managed to throw a birthday party on the theme of the horror movie Ari Aster, complete with a flower crown for her dog. Recalling the strange-themed birthday parties of yesteryear, Grande shared photos of the event on Instagram, writing in a caption: “My friends and I went with a midsommar theme because they help me.” The party showcased floral centerpieces, as well as a pretty replica of the May Queen dress mentioned above, though noticeably absent were the movie’s fiery bear costume and unrelenting blood. Protagonist of Midsommar Florence Pugh herself responded to the party and wrote in her Instagram story: “Mayqueeen! Now have some mushroom tea, ”which, if you’ve seen the movie, is a bad idea. Grande has mentioned his love for Midsommar In the past, tweeting last year, “Do you think it’s okay for midsommar to be my favorite movie ATM before bed or should I get help right away.”