Seattle union chief: residents and businesses who are ‘hostages’ of CHOP’s ‘criminals’ need leadership

Residents and business owners surrounding Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Protest” (police free) zone are effectively being “held hostage” by a “criminal element” that controls the area six blocks and beyond, the President of the Seattle Police Officers Guild Michael Solan reported Saturday

In an “Cavuto LIVE” interview with host Neil Cavuto, Solan said the protests have gone “too far” and that Seattle residents, dozens of whom are now suing the city, have “every right to be angry. “


“As well as the reasonable majority of Seattle citizens [who] They are being held hostage by a criminal element that still controls six blocks of … Seattle-owned land as well as privately owned land, “he said.

The numerous Seattle businesses, including an auto repair shop, tattoo parlor, and property management company, suspected city officials were complicit in allowing a “busy protest” that made them feel insecure in their neighborhood.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best speaks to activists near a closed, plywood-covered police compound on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 in Seattle.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best speaks to activists near a closed, plywood-covered police compound on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 in Seattle.

On Monday, the Democratic leadership announced its intention to end CHOP after two recent shootings, one of which was fatal. However, Solan said the effort to do so met with resistance and that the problem is far from over.

“There were some entities in the city, in regards to the heads, who entered the area yesterday to try to eliminate some of the border areas, in regards to the blockades, and met with resistance. The armed people came to the area and they avoided those city entities, those agencies to do the job, “he told Cavuto. “So no, this has not been resolved. It is still deeply troubling.”

Solan reiterated that the “northwest leadership metropolis” of the Pacific Northwest metropolis has been damning for his department, citing the ban on chemical munitions.

“And, as I mentioned in your show the last time as well, the West Precinct center, which houses the 911 communication center, has been probed and cleared the past five nights. Last night they succeeded in breaking windows just outside the compound.” added. “And so here we are, we are fighting for control of our police facilities so that we can protect the majority of the public.”

“But, as you and I are aware, this is a small group that [is] holding the entire city of Seattle hostage, the majority of its citizens. And autonomous areas like CHOP impose the will of a few on the majority. Actually, it’s the reverse democracy, “continued Solan.” And now, as we predicted last time, this has metastasized across the nation. “

Protesters in Washington DC were fired Monday night after trying to establish their own autonomous zone near the White House.


“And then when are we going to get leadership to help solve the problem?” Solan asked. “And, we want to get to the table and be actors in this, for our article … but what unfortunately is happening is that there is a socialist movement that has now infected the politics of the City Council. That … has everyone in our city ​​held captive by this ideology. “

“Their [an] extremely, extremely difficult situation that we need to find ourselves in immediately, “he concluded.