Scott denies attempting to overturn Sydney Powell’s election

  • The Supreme Court rejected two lawsuits filed by Trump ally Sidney Powell.
  • It extends the length of the extraordinary defeat for lawsuits seeking to overturn the 2020 election results.
  • President Biden was inaugurated more than a month ago.
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The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Sydney Powell’s 2020 U.S. Donald formally rejected lawsuits seeking to overturn the election results, dispelling any lingering thoughts that Donald Trump would be declared the true winner.

Law and Crime According to the first report, the court rejected both lawsuits. No comment was made at the time. One lawsuit sought to overturn results in Arizona, another in Wisconsin.

Joe Biden, the winner of the January 20 presidential election, was inaugurated.

The cases – based on a bizarre conspiracy theory that election-technology companies were in the process of flipping votes from Trump to Biden with Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez – are expected to fail. The Supreme Court has dismissed several other lawsuits seeking to overturn the election results.

These denials have also lengthened the length of the surprise losses that Trump and his allies have challenged the election results. After filing more than 40 lawsuits, they all ultimately failed.

Powell’s other two lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan have also lost several rounds in court. The Supreme Court had previously said it would not hear the Michigan case, and Powell withdrew the Georgia case. Biden won all the states where Powell challenged the election results.

Powell’s lawsuits and conspiracy theories have opened up the possibility of catastrophic consequences for him.

An election technology company has filed a defamation suit against Smartmatic, its 2.7 billion defamation suit against Fox News and Rudy Giulia, as part of a conspiracy to falsify the election results. Second, Dominion voting systems sued him for 1. 1.3 billion in defamation. Those companies have also filed other lawsuits and sent legal notices to those individuals and companies in which they accused the parrots or platforms of making claims.

She and the lawyers she works with are also facing sanctions and could lose their law licenses in Mitigan.

Trump’s lies about being the true winner in the 2020 election led to the US on January 6. There was a revolt at the Capitol, for which he became the first president to be impeached for a second time. The Senate acquitted him on Feb. 13, with 57 senators voting to convict him.

In his speech at the Conservative Political Conference on Sunday – his first major public speech since the uprising – he once again falsified the lie that he was the true election winner.