Score predictions too early for 2020: Alabama vs. Georgia

We don’t know what the football season will be like, but we at BamaOnLine will continue trying to make it happen. Our last attempt is this 8-week breakdown of every SEC game on Alabama’s 2020 calendar. We start with the last game on the Crimson Tide regular season roster, Auburn, and count to Week 3’s highly anticipated showdown with Georgia.

To round off Georgia week, here’s a look at BamaOnLine staff’s overly early scoring predictions for Alabama’s Week 3 home game against the Bulldogs (Sept. 19 at Tuscaloosa).

Charlie Potter: Alabama 31, Georgia 21

Preparing for this game will be crazy, especially now that Scott Cochran will be on the other side. But we all know that Nick Saban against his former assistants is just a story: what really matters is what happens on the field. Georgia will have the best defense Alabama will face in 2020, but what the Crimson Tide returns on offense is also impressive. On the other hand, how much the UA defense limits the UGA offensive will be equally key in this case. I see the young rushers and highs for Crimson Tide making enough plays on this one.

Travis Reier: Alabama 26, Georgia 19

The lines of scrimmage in this will not be for the faint of heart. With that, the quarterback game will be very important. Suppose Alabama will have a few more weapons to work with and ultimately prove to be the difference.

Kirk McNair: Alabama 38, Georgia 24

Everything points to the third Saturday of September as one of the most important games in college football in 2020, but that does not necessarily mean that it will be a closed game. Georgia has had its chances lately and has been found wanting in the clutch. The dominance of the teacher (Nick Saban) over the student (all of them, including Kirby Smart) continues.

Hank South: Alabama 35, Georgia 28

One of the most anticipated regular season games in recent memory, the 2020 Alabama vs. Georgia could be another memorable matchup. There’s too much talent on each sideline to make the game too uneven in favor of either team, but the Crimson Tide, in my opinion, has too much offensive firepower, even for a veteran defense like Georgia’s. Also, keep in mind that UGA will have a new quarterback under center in what could be a hostile environment on the road, depending on the ability of fans to attend games this fall. This game has a favorable composition when it comes to UA possibilities.

Tim Watts: Alabama 22, Georgia 19

In what will be announced as the game of the season, Georgia travels to Tuscaloosa in search of an emotionally charged environment. The Tide’s big-power offensive against the Dawgs’ physically talented defense will be the showdown for most, but how the young UA defense suits the occasion will determine the outcome. Bama wins a closed one at home.

Now what do you guys think?

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