Samsung reports that its next Galaxy S phone will debut in January 2021

Samsung’s next flagship phone is expected to arrive in January 2021, Android Central Report. And the camera bump of the Galaxy S20 will be shown in the newly leaked renders of the upcoming Galaxy S30 (or S21; name not yet official).

According to trusted Liquor Steve Hammerstoffer (aka @ Onlix), the Galaxy S30 standard model Dell will have a 6.2-inch flat screen with a hole-punch front-facing camera. The S30 Ultra features a wide, curved screen between 6.7 and 6.9 inches. However, the leaks do not provide details about the phone’s internal specs.

Steve Hammerstoffer

Android Central Says three new Galaxy S models are expected in the January release, one standard, one plus and one ultra. The Ultra model will have an S-Pen stylus, but doesn’t seem to have a dedicated slot for the pen, says Hammerstoffer. The camera on the Ultra looks twice as large as my bump standard model and, according to Hammerstoffer, can have four lenses; It aims to include wide and ultra-wide lenses and plus telephoto or periscope lenses. The Ultra will be housed inside a flash bump.

Steve Hammerstoffer

If the new Galaxy S models launch in January, it will be weeks before Samsung’s traditional end-of-February period. As Android central point, it will be close, Samsung has timed to release the new Galaxy S phone on the new iPhone release – iPhone 12 models will be released later this month and early next.