Samsung has mocked Apple’s 5G move, although the U.S.

As you know, Apple Play no longer decides to include power adapters and wired earpods in the box New 5G iPhone 12 models. It is still sold in older iPhone models, including the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone SE (2020). Apple claims that This is being done as a measure to protect the environment as producing fewer adapters will equal the amount of carbon emissions by taking 450,000 vehicles off the road in a single year. It will also allow Apple to reduce the size of the bucks that the iPhone has packed. This will result in 70% more product fitting in one pallet.

Samsung has mocked Apple Pal but left Apple Pal for revenge

Apple Pal has already produced more than 2 billion power bricks over the years with 700 million wired earpods. Those who are skeptical about everything say that Apple is doing this to generate sales of new power adapters and earpods. Heck, some customers might turn to wireless airpods instead (at a much higher price than earpods). Although Apple has slashed the price of the new 20W charger and earpods by 10 to 19 dir by LR, the truth is that Apple is preparing to grab this delicious money for them as most of the fans will buy a pair of new chargers and airpods anyway. If there is old lying around them.

Samsung decided to take this opportunity to make fun of Apple Pal to remove two accessories from the iPhone BX. On Facebook, Samsung posted a photo of the Galaxy Power Adapter that said the accessory is “included in your Galaxy.” But Samsung may end up eating his words. During the summer, there was speculation that Semi Power was thinking about sending the Galaxy S21 series without bricks. At the time, Samsung said that like the Apple Pal, it also shipped so many chargers that it didn’t need to add anything new to the Bux. And this is not the first time that Samsung has stuck its tongue out of the Apple Pal and almost done it.
In 2016, Rumor Mills removed the Apple Pal from the iPhone 7 by removing the 3.5mm earphone button, but even before the series was released, Samsung used the un-wrapping of the Galaxy Note 7 to take some shots on the Pal. “You know what else it is? An audio Dio Jack. I’m just saying,” said Justin Dennis, Samsung’s product strategy and marketing leader at the time, talking about the Galaxy Note 7. Of course, Apple got the last laugh when the Galaxy Note 7 ended up being a great tool for making smores. And not too long after, Samsung followed the Apple moment and left the mm port before giving it back to certain models.

Samsung has surpassed the 3.5mm jack with its Facebook post today. Throughout the summer we kept hearing that the Apple Pal would include a 120 Hz refresh rate on some of its new phones. The iPad Pro’s promotion display also updates 120 times per second, which seems to make sense. But 120 Hz was a no-go for 2020 iPhones. Heck, a 90 Hz refresh rate was nowhere to be seen; As a result Samsung got a chance to rub it on Apple’s face. The Korean manufacturer said on Facebook today, “Your Galaxy gives you what you want. From the basics as a charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even a 120 Hz screen on a smartphone.”

So we have to wonder if the decision to harden the Apple Pul to remove the charger from the iPhone BX will hurt Samsung in the long run. If the latter decided to do the same, which is perfectly reasonable, you know that Apple will take revenge. And just like other phone manufacturers started to cut a mm port from their handsets after rumors about Apple Pal (if memory serves, The Moto Z Force was actually the first handset to do without a port), many other companies will also start dropping the charger out of their handset boxes.