Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Buds 2 Colors Leaked, Early Release Date Set to Face Huawei

When the cat goes away the rat will run, or at least throw away Galaxy S21 Party. It’s not that we’re equating the world’s largest phone maker with a mouse, but that title was only recently won by Huawei, when US sanctions began to bite.

Still, Samsung is apparently looking to make as much of Huawei’s troubles as possible. Korean media is Alec today, and is making preliminary preparations Galaxy S21 and Buds 2 release date.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Buds 2 launch

  • Galaxy S21 Release Date: February 5, 2021
How exactly in the beginning? Well, “The Galaxy S21 smartphone will probably start official sales in the same month as its predecessor, “Claim the sources of the report, which puts the Galaxy S21, S21 + and The S21 Ultra release date is scheduled for early February, with an unpacked event scheduled for late January.
The Galaxy S20 series was announced in February and was on sale in March, but in 2021 the Galaxy S21 will skit in the January / February deadline, it looks like. Given that The S20 line hit the shelves on Friday, March 6, and the S21 could be released on Friday, February 5, 2021.

The forecast is double what we heard yesterday from another Korean industry source, The Galaxy S21 part supplier will start carrying parts to Samsung sooner than usual. Alec’s report confirms this, and with supply in mid-September, supplier production begins and in mid-January, the S-20 models plan shipping instead of scheduling.

Why was the Galaxy S21 series introduced so early? Well, there is a new Samsung mobile chief, who has already disbanded and disrupted the established schedule. The S20 Fan Edition with a dedicated unpacked event, which so far has been invisible to the Samsung 700 Samsung phone, is also in third place. Z fold 2 back in September.
It is obviously accelerating the S21 development, production and launch process. “To take advantage of Huawei’s absence, people familiar with the matter said. “Huawei will now have trouble buying the latest and greatest processor chips U.S. Due to restrictions, even the fruits of his own research Restrictions are also on foundries, so Samsung could try to get as much market share from Huawei as possible while showing Chinese juggling.
Moreover, Apple’s iPhone 12 Supersycle will go deeper in Q4 this year, and maybe even Q1, so the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be released by November 13, another interesting iPhone this year, the 12 Mini. Thus, if it initially introduces the Galaxy S21 in Q1, Samsung will both monetize Huawei’s projected absence in the 2021 flagship sector, and respond somewhat to sales of the iPhone 12 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Buds 2 colors at launch

  • Galaxy S21 colors: white, gray, pink, violet and silver
  • Galaxy Buds 2 colors: Black, Silver, Violet

Another interesting leak in the release report of the initial Galaxy S21 series are the colors that will be. For comparison, the S20 series comes in Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black, Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink (ura Ra Red or Cloud White are special editions), depending on the model.

Samsung will obviously also introduce the Galaxy Buds 2 along with the Galaxy S2 phone, and the big upgrade will be a new level of water resistance for it. The Galaxy Buds 2 is reported to be the codename of Attic, and will come in Black, Silver and Violet.

Samsung used the name Plus or Live because they could not improve its water resistance, “Internal suggestions for this year The Galaxy Buds + and Buds are live bean-shaped models with active sound cancellation, but, apparently, have figured out how to supply both ANC and high waterproof ratings. In general, Samsung is offering Buds with S-Series purchases, at least in the pre-order phase, so we expect to get the price for the Galaxy S21, S21 + and Ultra release in early February.