Saints ‘Sean Payton’ just wants to know ‘if there is a future in Tessam Hill QB

Questions arose when it came to light that it would not be Tessam Hill, James Winston. From CNN to those who know the NFL well: Wait, what?

Why not backup?

After interacting with some of the people involved in the situation, the explanation became clear that Hill, all of these weapons, QB Vs. Why the Falcons are expected to start.

“Sean just wants to know,” said a source close to Payton’s thinking.

Just this. Of all the factors, it is the main one. Never mind that Hill is, in fact, considered a backup on the depth chart.

The Saints have featured Drew Bryce as their debut since 2006. They didn’t give Hill this ason fee for two years, 21 21 million, with the idea that it’s the future, but no one knows for sure. And they won’t until the lights come on.

So, Patton, who immediately recognized Hill’s talents from the time with the Green Bay Packers, wants to know if Hill has been his starter for 10 years. The process starts today.

Speaking of Bryce, he was kept on the injured reserve on Friday and is out for at least three weeks. Working with multiple fractured ribs and punctures in his lungs, Bryce is expected to return in 3-4 weeks. Sources say the Chiefs game in Week 15 is the actual return date, although Bryce hopes it is a week earlier against the Eagles, sources say.

It will be a hill until it comes back, unless it goes particularly badly this week. If that happens, Payton could turn to Winston again.

Hill took representatives of the first and second teams in practice this week, with the Saints making sure he was fully prepared for the biggest start of his life. While the practice was going well and Hill seemed ready, he had a war nerve early in the week. At one point, it seemed that the enormity of the situation would overwhelm him.

But it settled down and remained a solid week. Hill is expected by Alvin Camara and Michael Thomas to get into the rhythm and succeed in the short term.

It’s the biggest day of Hill’s career that the Saints claimed in 2017 after he was fired by the Packers. He quickly became known as the player the team could claim. Payton, in particular, liked them and believed there was potential.

Three years later, Hill has his chance. How it goes could have an impact on the coming decade in New Orleans.