Ryan Tennheel marvels at Derrick Henry’s “unbelievable” hard hand

USA Today

They made a lot of big plays in Tuesday night’s Titus’ 166-6 Bill Down, but quarterback Ryan Tennhill was able to catch almost one after the game.

It was the stern hand of a Derrick Henry who flew Bill’s Cornbach to Josh Norman, a play that Tenhill believed was both amazing, and the course for Henry was the same.

“I screamed, ‘Holy shit,'” Tenehill said via SNcom. “It was unbelievable to see the way he beat that guy. Derrick is a special player. We have seen a hard hand from him. I saw it last year. Before I get here, I’ve seen it, its specialty. Apparently, he is a strong, physically tough runner. It probably is. It was probably the toughest weapon I have ever seen. “

While Henry had a big light, it was Tenehill who turned into a really great game, keeping the drive alive all night, as the Titans made a key statement that they were among the league’s select teams.