Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell Results, Live Stream Fight Coverage

2021 battles the fierce lightweight crossroads this afternoon (Saturday, January 2, 2021) as social media sensation Ryan Garcia tossed out Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell for the interim WBC title.

MMAmania.com Below will provide live coverage of the afternoon main event. This DAZN-Broadcast broadcast (See it here) ET starts at 3pm, with Garcia and Campbell likely to walk closer to ET at 6pm.

Garcia, 22, seen by some as one of the game’s top young talents, beat the final two opponents in a combined 2:58. However, he takes a significant step in the contest against Campbell; The Englishman’s only untimely loss came to multi-division champion Jorge Linares, who had it by a split decision in 2017, and last year’s incomparable Vasily Lomachenko.

The winner, along with Pete Javier Fortuna, will face Devin Haney for the full WBC title. He is not confused with the “franchise” title recently taken by Teofimo Lopez. Don’t think too hard about it.

In previous proceedings, the Alvarado brothers will defend their respective titles against Ren રે and Felix, Roger Gutierrez and former minimum champion DJ Creel. Former women’s WBO Super Middleweight Champion French Cruise-Deserne will also be in action, with Travelwoman Ashley.

Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell – Garcia Def. Campbell by KO at 1:58 p.m., round seven
Renને Alvarado Vs. Roger Gutierrez – Gutierrez Def. Alvarado by consensus decision (113-112 x3)
Felix Alvarado vs. DJ Creel – Alvarado Def. Creel by TKO at 1:39 of Round 10

WBC Intermediate Lightweight Championship: Ryan Garcia Vs. Luke Campbell

One round: Garcia pushes the body to start. The left hook falls short as he tries to walk Campbell down. Campbell also sends jobs. Early stuck in a corner, circles come out and the body catches fire. A good visit to the bottom left by Gracia Zabbe. Good exchange and Garcia crossed. Half way. Three-piece goes high-low. Campbell, in turn, initiates all three. Garcia backs him towards the rope, bouncing the punch out of the guard. Campbell digs another left in the body. Good trade in the center and Garcia sticks his tongue out. Another corpse shot by Campbell 10-9 Campbell.

Two rounds: the other left side of Campbell’s body. He has got the steps outside, landed on the other side. Garcia tries a 1-2-3. When exchanged. The left hook landed for him and it opened on the rope. Campbell goes down with his left hand. He lands in the center ring and decks Garcia from the extreme left. It’s a pretty hard knock but it’s a lot of time. Straight to the left, staying patient. The overhand falls short. Garcia lays a hook on the body. Clinch. Attaches a nice little check hook. 10-8, 20-17 Campbell.

Round three: Trading at the beginning of the round. Garcia tries 1-2, lowering the body right. Campbell grabs the body. Galensing overhand left by Campbell, who absorbs 1-2. High-low from Garcia. Half way. Garcia landed on the cross, eating a check hook. Body shot. Campbell goes down with his left hand. Garcia tries to open the corner. 1-2 from Campbell. When, the overhand left soon after. Garcia goes over the body on the rope. 10-9 Garcia, 29-27 Campbell.

Four rounds: Counter Jab knocks Garcia back. Campbell, 1-2 from the clutch. Garcia combo falls short. Campbell warns Borderline Low hit. Garcia tries three pieces, two pieces come back. Another body started by Campbell was found 2-3-2. 1-2 by Garcia. Campbell, with another push of the body, absorbs some right. Half way. Campbell’s body clinch. Again Campbell goes downstairs. Left side above the counter. Clinch. Two more words, then another pair. Garcia Agni, found the body on the left. 10-9, 39-36 Campbell.

Round five: fierce exchange in the center. Campbell with a hard jab. The compound is mostly blocked. Body 1-2. Garcia goes high-low with 2-3. Campbell in the body, in turn takes the Borderline Low blow. Campbell tries combo. Half way. 2-3- 2-3. Garcia with body right. A good lead comes to him on the right, an overhand on the left. Low-high 1-2 from Campbell. He tried various works. Good combination by Garcia. A tight check hook on the brick obviously hurts Campbell. 10-9 Garcia, 48-46 Campbell.

Round six: Garcia the snail comes out. Long flutter. Clinch. Campbell Potshot in the center after surviving. Directly by Gracia. The compound has landed for Campbell. Body jobs. Garcia K.Mbo blocked. Half way. 1-2 by Garcia, who in turn takes three parts. Campbell grabs the body. Garcia check hook, trying to tear it off the rope. Campbell blasted him with a left jab and a power jab in return. Garcia with hook at the bottom of the body. 10-9, 58-55 Campbell.

Seventh Round: Short trades at the center to get started. Campbell grabs the body. Jabs upwards. Garcia lands right through the guard. Both land straight. Campbell in the body. Proceeding on the rope, hook to the left by Garcia. Campbell right cross and body shot. Half way. Body shots were met by a sinner from Garcia who sends Brit to his knees. He can’t beat the countdown and Garcia’s return is a knockout.

The end result: Garcia Def. K.O. by KPL.

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