RUMOR: New details about Call of Duty 2020 leaked: modes, features and more

To update: Xclusive Ace has now privately configured the video. We have a summary of some of the details you shared below.

Original story

YouTuber XclusiveAce has posted a lengthy new video on their YouTube channel today claiming it is new information about the Call of Duty 2020 game from a “source” that has shown you the actual game, the video, the overviews of the maps and more of the game itself.

It doesn’t reveal who its source is, but based on what it said in the video, it appears to be someone who is testing / QA part of the game as it says this person doesn’t know the name of the title.

In his video, he reveals the following information about the 2020 game, and says that the game will feature Zombies, Campaign, MP, along with Warzone.

  • The 2020 game is indeed established during the Cold War era
  • The game is “really in good condition” with “almost finished MP maps”.
  • The campaign is in “fully playable state”, but not all animations have been completed yet.
  • He says there will be a new map for Warzone with the 2020 game, and says he has seen an “overview of the new Warzone map”.
  • The standard Mini-Map is back, similar to previous Call of Duty games prior to Modern Warfare
  • Even with the standard minimap, there is also a compass (which was introduced in Modern Warfare)
  • The swimming mechanic returns, and there will be water on the MP maps along with the water on the new “Warzone map”.
  • Unlimited Sprint is back.
  • Do not interact on regular doors. Mechanic stays in Warzone.
  • 10 MP maps have apparently been developed so far, most likely under construction. Treyarch style maps.
    • A map is “very small” and a ship in the Black Sea
    • “Tank”, which is the map that was shown in the previously leaked game
  • There are no specialists, but a feature similar to the field update returns.
  • He says you get a piece of equipment to choose from.
  • Scorestreaks will return.
  • There is no dead silence in the game right now. It is not a benefit. You cannot confirm what step audio is like at this time.
  • 150 health (similar to Black Ops 4) but has automatic healing.
  • Create-A-Class is “unique”. Hybrid between Pick-10 and classic. No gunsmith.
  • 6v6 is the standard player count. There is no shooting mode.
  • There is “apparently a mode” in MP that takes place in various sections of the new Warzone map.
  • The new Warzone map apparently takes place in Russia.

As always, this information is not fully confirmed as of now.

Activision has yet to officially reveal the game Call of Duty 2020 and has not even mentioned the developer of the 2020 game. The game’s title is reportedly Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

A release date for the title is not yet known, but it is “farther” than people expect.