Ron Jeremy, adult movie star, accused of sexually assaulting 4 women

Adult film actor Ron Jeremy was charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said Tuesday.

According to the criminal complaint, the attacks date back to 2014, with the most recent one occurring in July 2019. Three of the incidents detailed in the charges occurred at the same bar in West Hollywood, the district attorney’s office said in a statement. Press release.

The sexual assault allegations against Jeremy, one of the few in the adult film industry whose name is familiar in the mainstream, first emerged in the early days of the #MeToo movement, when he was the subject of a Rolling Stone article. 2017 in which more than a dozen women filed charges. Jeremy denied them all to the magazine and said, “I never raped anyone.”

Golden Artists Entertainment, The management company representing Mr. Jeremy stayed with him after the 2017 report, believing that he had shown them evidence of his innocence. But on Tuesday, Dante Rusciolelli, the owner of Golden Artists Entertainment, announced that the company would be leaving Mr. Jeremy as a customer. Mr. Jeremy’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the complaint, Mr. Jeremy, 67, is accused of raping a 25-year-old woman in a West Hollywood home in 2014.

He is also accused of two attacks that prosecutors say took place in 2017 in the same West Hollywood bar. Mr. Jeremy is charged with forced rape and sexual assault through restraint in one case and with sexual penetration through the use of force and sexual penetration by intoxicating substances in the second.

A fourth woman said Jeremy raped her in the same bar last year, according to the press release.

The district attorney’s office said it had decided not to process an additional case related to an incident in 2016 due to insufficient evidence.

Mr. Jeremy is scheduled to be prosecuted Tuesday, and prosecutors have recommended setting a bond of $ 6.6 million. If convicted, Mr. Jeremy could face a maximum sentence of 90 years to life in prison, the district attorney’s office said.