Rob Manfred: Marlins COVID-19 outbreak is not a “nightmare”

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Baseball had to postpone a couple of games less than a week before his return, after 14 players and team employees tested positive for COVID-19.

But for MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, he didn’t panic when he considered closing the season.

“I don’t put this in the nightmare category,” Manfred said during an interview on MLB Network, via USA Today. “We don’t want any player to be exposed. It’s not a positive thing, but I don’t see it as a nightmare. We create the protocols to allow us to continue playing. That is why we have expanded lists. That is why we have expanded groups of additional players. We believe we can keep people safe and keep playing. “

After three players tested positive on Sunday, the Marlins went ahead and played against the Phillies that day. On Monday, 11 more positive tests returned, leading to postponements of the Marlins games against the Orioles on Monday and Tuesday, along with the Phillies’ game against the Yankees last night, as more tests went on.

Manfred insisted that he thought the season could continue, saying that the plans they built ahead of time would allow them to move forward safely.

“A team that loses a number of players that made it completely uncompetitive would be a problem that we would have to address and think about making a change to, whether that closed part of a season, the entire season, that depends on the circumstances.” Manfred said. “Same thing for the entire league. You get to a certain point in the entire league where it becomes a health threat and we would certainly close at that point….

“We hoped to have positive results at some point. I remain optimistic that protocols are strong enough to allow us to play even in an outbreak like this and complete our season. “

It’s worth noting how they handle it for the NFL, as the players show up this week for their testing and a modified training camp.