Riverside County Sets New Record for COVID-19 Hospital Admissions – NBC Los Angeles

Riverside County reported Monday that a record number of coronavirus patients are being treated at area hospitals.

According to the Riverside University Health System, the number of admissions to the Covid-1 CO hospital in the county increased from 888 on Friday, adding 87 new patients over the weekend. 585 did. That number includes 129 patients being treated in intensive care units – from Friday to 14.

The previous record high of 550 hospital admissions was in July, according to RUHS data.

With 2,126 additional cases reported on Monday – the agency does not release updated figures over the weekend – the total number of infections nationwide since the public health documentation period began in early March is 84,84, compared to 6,8286 on Friday.

Health officials also reported five additional deaths, bringing the death toll to 1,442.

The number of known active virus cases in the county was 15,665, an increase of 1,518 from Friday. The active count arises from the current total – 84,412 – according to the County Executive Office Fees, excluding deaths and recovery. The number of recoveries of the examined patient is 67,305.

As the number of cases across the state continues to rise, government Gavin News today warned that a stay-at-home order is likely until the trend reverses. Can be issued.

In Riverside County last week, a briefing from public health officials focused on the increase in infections. RUHS Dr. Geoffrey Leung said hospitals in the region are “starting to feel the strain,” but added hospitals are ready for the influx of patients.

“I think this (boom) will be a little different,” Leung said, adding that given the amount of preparation that takes place over the summer, the amenities have the resources to meet the heavy case load.

This sentiment is echoed by Bruce Barton, director of the county’s emergency management department, who recently assured the supervisory board on Tuesday that facilities have adequate personal, protective equipment access and arrangements for increased capacity if necessary.

Leung said residents with any kind of serious medical need should not delay care because the facilities are adhering to protocol to separate the infected from the non-infected.

The previous peak of the county hospitalized in mid-July. RUHS officials said that number would be exceeded in December if current trends continue.

There are more than 100 general and ICU beds available in the county, but that does not include emergency capacity, with the hospital floor being converted into a necessary care space, with more beds added as needed.

Last week, Public Health Department Director Kim Sarvatari said the county’s state-adjusted COVD-19 case rate was 27.2 per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to 22 per 100,000 residents three weeks earlier, and the overall state-count positivity rate was 9.9%. Is 8.9%.

The county’s testing level is at 300 per 100,000. The revised state threshold for large counties is 272 per 100,000.

Officials are telling people to avoid gatherings for Thanksgiving. Tony Shin reported on NBC4News on Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

Last month, the California Department of Public Health reclassified the county in purple, the most restricted under the government’s Gavin News blueprint for a safe economy regulatory framework. For about a month, the county was in a slightly less strict red layer. Some of the establishments that reopened needed to reopen, including gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, and churches.

Two weeks ago, News put 28 counties at the purple level, predicting a statewide 50% increase in coronavirus cases, with the governor saying “the fastest growth in cases we’ve seen so far.”

It then went a step further, issuing a revised executive order to make the night curfew mandatory, from 10pm to 5am, which began on Nov. 21 in purple counties as part of a virus reduction strategy. The order will remain in effect until December 21. However, many law enforcement agencies have declared that it is not their intention to enforce it.