Report: Packers interested in Texans WR Will Fuller

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The practical deadline is approaching and, as a matter of fact, the trading deadline for teams that expect any new players on the field in week nine is showing interest in the previous first round receivers.

According to Aaron Rees of, Multiple teams have made inquiries About Texans receiver Will Fuller. He is reportedly one of the Packers.

Fuller was the first of three straight receivers to be picked from 21 to 23 elections in the 2016 draft; The other two (Washington’s Josh Doctsson and the Vikings’ Lock on Treadwell) have dropped out of the league.

Fuller is currently on a rookie contract option year at a salary of 10. 10.162 million.

Reese explains that the Texans are not interested in selling fire, and that they will not trade for trade alone. He says to get the most out of it, especially if only the Packers are interested.

Texans have been criticized for making bad deals in recent years. Currently, his interim general manager, Executive VP of Football Operations L.P. Which is why other teams will try to take advantage of the Texans.

Fearing he would be taken advantage of, Easterby may even be reluctant to make any deals.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur was a quarterbacks coach at Notre Dame in 2014, one of the three years Fuller played for college football there.

Fuller can be difficult to evaluate, given that he is half a season away from becoming a free agent. Last year, the Broncos received a third-round selection for the Emmanuel Sanders from the 49ers; Sanders left San Francisco earlier this year after his contract expired.

For Texans, the first question is whether they want Fuller out of 2020, the next question is whether they want to try to get value for him now as they want to leave him in free agency, which is the team’s Increases the potential collection of return drafts. Picks in 2022.