Ren and Stimpy’s documentary trailer hints at Kricfalusi’s accusations

An image from the trailer for Happy Happy Joy Joy.

An image from the trailer for Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Image: Gravitas Ventures

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Ren and Stimpy It is one of the most influential animated shows of recent decades, but the man who created has been accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior towards underage girls. In the first trailer for Happy happy joy joy, we see that the creators of the documentary are not going to overlook John Kricfalusithe legacy.

Gravitas Ventures has released the first trailer for Happy happy joy joy, a documentary on the making of Ren and Stimpyas well as the life of its creator. Directors Ron Cicero and Kimo Easterwood promise an honest and direct look at what Kricfalusi brought to the world of animation. as well as what it took from him, with reports of not delivering episodes on time and fostering a hostile work environment.

According to the documentary description, it will also address allegations of sexual misconduct. They were first brought to light in 2018 by BuzzFeedand included an admission that Kricfalusi had struck up a relationship with a 16-year-old girl. It is clear from the trailer that the people who worked on Ren and Stimpy We have great respect for the show and how it influenced the world of animation, but it is difficult to rectify it knowing that the person who created it was responsible for so much pain and suffering.

Happy happy joy joy It is scheduled to leave on August 14.

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