Remote Work 101: Tips and Tricks for Working From Home That Will Help Increase Your Productivity – Work From Home Like A Pro


Establish an office space

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Establish an office space

Starting with the obvious, when working from home, establishing an office space is absolutely essential. No, it doesn’t mean you have to build a makeshift office, complete with a cubicle, it just means having essentials in place.

To get started, prepare a checklist of all the things you need: laptop charger, phone charger that are important to a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Make sure you have them in place before you start working.

It is also a good idea to have a notebook and pen handy so you can write down all the important points made in the next video call.

Then you can also keep your water bottle close to your work desk from home to stay hydrated while working the shift. The key is to create an office environment that is conducive to your work.


Video call tag
Perhaps the most important tip to follow when working from home is to follow the label of the video call. As all of your boardroom meetings shift to video calls, it is essential to be presentable and professional every time you Skype or Facetime with your team members.

To get started, dress appropriately. If you wear pajamas or loungewear, it is recommended that you change to a professional outfit, such as a shirt or blazer, combined with pants. Second, make sure the room you are in is well lit. Make sure the background behind you is not distracting. If you have an intricately patterned wallpaper, be sure to avoid it as a background as it may fluctuate on camera.

Finally, do a dry test before receiving the call. Try calling one of your colleagues just to make sure your microphone and camera are working properly.


Communicate well
This is perhaps the most critical part of remote work. When you are in the office space, it is relatively easier to communicate with your co-workers and supervisors. However, when you work from home, since your colleagues and your manager are only available in Zoom or Hangouts, it is recommended to establish an adequate communication channel.

To get started, tell your supervisor about your hourly tasks and ask them to set deadlines that are right for you.

If you are working on a project with a colleague, please communicate clearly with them about the status of the project and the required results. This will not only help build your supervisor’s trust in you, but will also help you keep track of your progress.


Take care of your posture!
Sometimes those who work from home prefer to sit on the comfort of their mattress or loung on couches with their laptop. On the surface, it may seem like there is nothing wrong, but this can seriously affect your posture and therefore lead to back problems. Especially if you are on an eight hour shift, you could end up with severe back pain from what you call a day.

Therefore, it is important to sit upright and maintain correct posture, for the sake of your back. Keeping the spine and head straight and maintaining the proper distance from the laptop screen is of utmost importance.


Prepare a to-do list every morning

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Prepare a to-do list every morning

When you work from home, your boss is not breathing on your neck, but at the same time, you should keep her updated on all the tasks you do in a day. Without a controlling supervisor, you may end up losing track of time and missing some important tasks or deadlines.

To ensure that such a situation never occurs, you can prepare a to-do list every morning and follow it. You can continue to update the list throughout the day as more tasks are added.

Set goals and time limits for each task. After completing each task, cross off the list. This simple technique is effective and satisfying.

There are several apps like Todoist, Toggle and TickTick that will help you stay organized.