Reddit user posts five never-before-seen images of SpaceX’s Starlink ground devices- Technology News, Firstpost

To provide high-speed broadband Internet to remote locations, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has launched a series of satellites known as Starlink satellites. Promised to guarantee fast, low-delay internet in the northern areas of the United States and Canada by 2020, the company promises global coverage for next year..

Although the variety of satellites in space has kept people boisterous, we didn’t get a picture of the antennas that are going to have a connection to the satellites. But a Reddit user has changed that recently.

    UFO on a stick: Reddit user posts five never-before-seen images of SpaceX's Starlink ground devices

Starlink terminal prototype. Image credit: Reddit / u / darkpenguin22

The space enthusiast, who uses the username darkpenguin22, has posted five photos of user terminals and ground stations from the SpaceX site near Merrillan, Wisconsin. According to a report published by the Business Insider India, the Reddit user drove around the site a few days ago and captured the detailed photos with a large telephoto lens.

The user shared the photos on the Reddit r / SpaceXLounge group on June 20, saying these were the “close-ups of the prototype Starlink terminal” in the caption. The group allows for a “relaxed and relaxed discussion about SpaceX.”

In the comments, the author said he had thought that people “might be interested” in getting “better close-ups of what appear to be prototype terminals.” The user also specified the details of the camera, saying he used a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma 60-600mm and a 1.4x teleconverter.

The shortage of terrestrial antennas is real since Musk’s firm has published many photos and videos of its satellites in the past, but not so much for terrestrial supports.

The only guideline about the terminals came from Musk himself when he described them as “thin, flat, round UFOs on a stick.”

SpaceX has yet to confirm that the leaked photos are genuine, although one of the images shows a label on the devices that says the units are prototypes and property of SpaceX.

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