‘Red Dead Online’ scores legendary animal-themed update

Samples can also be obtained for conservationist Harriet Davenport, who will commission animal-watching tasks for a number of rewards, but will also observe poaching activities. Retired big game hunter Gus Macmillan will be available to compensate players for what they can hunt and deliver, such as animal parts and fur for fine clothing.

As players continue through the specialist role update, new recipes will be available, such as personal weight loss and weight gain recipes, animal revivers, and tonics to mitigate the effects of weather or increase stealth skills. .

Along with new weapons for killing large animals, such as an improved bow and an elephant rifle, an advanced camera will be available in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. catalog with a new set of filters.

Free roaming events in the update include Legendary Animal Protection, where players can defend legendary animals from poachers, and wild animal tagging, where players can team up to tag animals of different species and discover additional creatures. In free roam mode, players can meet other hunters who track their prey and help those who need help with a crashed wagon or other urgent and unfortunate situation.

Daily role-playing challenges and prizes will be available along with new clothes, hairstyles, emoticons, accessories, and the ability to store cooked meats in an item wheel.

New game updates, collector fossils, and additions to the Macmillan store and Wheeler, Rawson and Co. catalog will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Last May, the original Red Dead Redemption – one of Rockstar’s best-selling games – celebrated its tenth anniversary.

See the trailer for the “The Naturalist” update below.