Rays vs. Astros score: Stars defense, big innings wins Tampa away from AL win

Tampa Bay rays are on the edge of the World Series berth. On Tuesday night the Rays took advantage of the Jose Altuv error and rode their stellar defense to the Houston Astros (TB5, HUH2) for Game 3 win. Tampa has a 3-0 lead in the series. They could catch up with the American League on Wednesday night as well.

He is not the only hero with rays. Joy Wendell and Hunter Rainpro hit two runs during the team’s sixth innings of five in Game 3, and five relievers made the Astros scoreless for four innings. The Rays have allowed just five runs in their last four games, including four solo home runs. Extended rallies against this team are impossible.

Here are the five takeaways of Game 3.

Altuwe made another crucial mistake

Throwing ultraviolet is a capital-P problem for the Astros. He made the mistake of throwing on a routine play in the first inning of Game 2 – throwing it at short-term Yuli Guriall base – which lengthened the innings and Manuel Margot swept a three-run homer.

Game Tuesday in 3, Altuve made another back-breaking error, This time throwing a potential 4-6-3 double play ball into the left field. I’m not sure if the Astros will turn a double game with Brandon Lowe running, but they should be the lead runner in second place. Instead, nothing.

The rays characterized Altuv’s mistake because of course they did. When all that was said and done, Tampa scored five runs on the board in the sixth inning, turning a 1-0 loss into a 5-1 lead. Here is Altuwe’s mistake and the rally that followed:

Altuve made the mistake of throwing zero during the regular season, so either he forgot how to throw at some point in the last three weeks (i.e. developed yips), or he injured a wound that is affecting his wound. . For what it’s worth, neither Altltuv nor the Astros have said anything about an injury.

For Houston, Aldemis Diaz will handle the task on a second basis, while for Houston, the easiest compromise is the D.H. Altuwe is putting on. Diaz in Game 3 was on DH.

Tampa is doing every play

It’s borderline at ridiculous at the moment. When Altuwe struggles to make regular throws, the rays make exceptional plays to the left and right. The Tampa Defense have beaten the Astros in the ALCS and they have made many more great plays in Game 3. Check it out:

Alex Bragman in particular has felt the wrath of Rena’s defense. He bowled seven balls in 2-3 games and six were very impressive. Exit velocity: 106.8, 99.5, 103.0, 103.1, 98.4, 96.3, 82.2. All out. Each one. Hit the hard ball and good things usually happen. Although not for Brigman in ALCS.

Reese finished fifth in the baseball with 24 defensive runs saved during the regular season and based on these last few nights, he looks incredibly low. They have been spectacular. They’re catching everything, sniffing the rails, and save their pot.

Making history of Arozare

Kiran’s outfielder Randy Arozera has been the breakout star of the postseason. He gave up 4 for 8 after winning the Tampa Wild Card Series over the Blue Jays, hit three home runs against the Yankees in the ALDS, and is now sinking the Astros in the ALCS. Arozarena went 4 for 4 with a double and a wicket in Game 3. She also has a fashion sense:

Handsome Randy now has four three-hit games in this postseason. He also played in Game 2 of the Wild Card Series and Games 1 and 3 of the ALDS. He is the first rookie with four three-hit games in a single postseason and only the fifth player with four three-hit games in a single postseason. List:

  • Jay Buhner: 1995
  • Edgar Martinez: 1995
  • Albert Pujols: 2004
  • Jose Altuwe: 2017
  • Randy Arozerena: 2020

With the Rays having a 0-0 series lead, Arozarena will have at least four more chances to become the first player in history with five hit games in a single postseason. He is 18 for 39 (.462) in 10 postseason games this year.

Altuwe is sitting on the Posthausen Homer Leaderboard

That’s not all bad news for Altuv. A.L.C.S. For the second time in, he opened the scoring with the first inning solo home run in Game 3, he took Black Snell deep in the first inning of Game 1 and then in Game 3 he also went to Ryan Yarbro.

Altuv now has four homers in nine games and 17 home runs in 59 career postseason games. Only 11 others have hit as many dinners in October. Career Postseason Home Run Leaderboard:

  1. Mani Ramirez: 29
  2. Bernie Williams: 22
  3. Derek Jeter: 20
  4. Albert Pujols: 19
  5. Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle: 18
  6. Altuwe, Nelson Cruz, David Ortiz, George Springer, Jim Thom: 17

Carlos Correa is sitting on a 16-career postseason home run, it should be noted. It will take a bit of work, but it is likely that the three current Astros will be in the top five in homers after a career before 2020 exits.

The rays have a commanding lead

One more win and Rays is the 2020 American League Champion. Tampa has a 0-0 lead in the series and historically, teams that take an in-lead lead at a nice best of 0-0 have won the series 97 percent of the time. He has won 37 series and lost one. One is, of course, the comeback against the 2004 Red Sox and their historic ALCS Yankees. Reese lost four straight games once in the regular season – they lost five straight in July 29 to August 2 – so a comeback is possible, but it’s a tall order. The astros are in trouble and the rays are sitting pretty well.