‘Ratatouille: The Ticket OK Musical’ has collected 1 million for struggling artists.

The musical premiered on social media platform New Year’s Day and featured household names, including Brady, Titus Burgess and Adam Lambert. News of its financial success was announced on Saturday, the day of production Twitter page
The ticketing community saw the project as a fully-fledged development in a week, ranging from the special efforts launched by Broadway-Esked Odd to the 2007 Disney Pixar film.

Tickets to see the product cost only 5 5, which is more than ,000 200,000.

Lucy Moss, director of Ratatouille, said: “It’s just as important to support artists right now. Is. ” On Thursday, CNN

“Maybe, you know, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t all stopped at home.”

Supporters can still catch the show. Tickets will be available for purchase by January 4th.