Rams’ 49 vs. Score: Jimmy Garoppolo features Jared Goff as San Francisco beat NFC West

The Los Angeles Rams came down on Sunday night with the San Francisco 49ers in first place behind the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional show down. The only problem: they forgot to bring good Jared Goff with them. While the quarterback helped the Rams rally late at night in Week 6’s prime-time contest, while his wildly incongruous start buried the early lane, Jimmy Garoppolo and Niners had little trouble moving up and down the field with their play-action attack. In the legendary coach fight, Kyle Shanahan had the upper hand over Sean McVeigh, while the 49ers also won 24-16 in Western affairs.

Here are some immediate gifts from the victory of 49 people on Sunday night.

Why the 49ers won

Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo returned to their “A” game. Things slowed down a bit in the second half, but in the first half of his 21-point and beyond, San Francisco just seemed to run smoothly into his offense. Looking more comfortable (and healthier) than Week 5, Geropolo did a tremendous job of spreading the ball, hitting nine different receivers at night, and he was not ashamed to move the ball downfield.

If Rahim Mostar had not been injured and pushed, he could have taken 100 scrimmage yards as part of the attack. Just as George McKittle Hasty pulled down the stretch, George Kitt and Debo Samuel helped pick up the Slacks. Defensively, the Niners weren’t necessarily doing anything special, but they did throw some random random irregularities to remove a divisional victory from Jared Goff.

Why Ram lost

Old Jared Goff raised his ugly head. There is no other way to spin it. Goff came into Sunday night’s match which made a really good four-game start, but he stayed almost from the start to finish against some of the main starting misses. QB, historically, tends to fold a little more than others under pressure, but even the 49ers didn’t have as much dominance over the pocket as you might think. Josh Reynolds’ deep TD raised an eyebrow late in the game, but he was otherwise flat-out uncertain, missing big game chances for targets like Cooper Cup and Robert Woods.

Darrell Henderson certainly wasn’t to blame, exploding about his every move, but he could just do so much. On defense, the LA did a good job of making holes against the Niners’ hefty attack, but there was no answer for George Kittle and lost the ground from a deep deep pass.


If you’re looking for a real turning point, it would have been honestly on the Rams ’second drive of the day, when LA initially went three-and-out to pave the way for a 14-0 hole. But a more pressing turn of events came later in the game with the Rams down 12 runs.

With a defensive pass-intervention call and some nice Henderson Niners running towards the 2-yard line, the Rams were in a key position to cut San Francisco’s lead and make Sunday night’s match a contest. But then Goff sent Josh Reynolds the ball straight into the hands of Jason Verrett, running the loss incorrectly. It couldn’t just eliminate the chance of LA at pick points; All that speed shifted back to the niners.

Play the game

Give this one to Garoppolo and Kitty, who teamed up with the fourth-and-2 to put the early daggers in the Rams defense. The pass is beautiful, a bullet right in the middle. The catch-and-run is a friendly reminder that the Kettle has a wide receiver in a tight end body:

What’s next

The Ersers (Week – 3) will now hit the road for week when they arrive. .