Raise capital during a crisis? This podcast interviews VCs on how to do it.


The coronavirus pandemic will have lasting effects on the global economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported the worst global economic decline since the Great Depression, projecting a loss of $ 9 trillion in world GDP in the next two years.

Despite the reality of a looming global recession, innovation has not faltered. But startups are now suddenly forced to acclimatize to a very different world and adapt their growth strategies accordingly, raising the question: How do you raise capital in a crisis?

Introducing the Data Market Services Inspiration Series, a new podcast produced and hosted by Tech.eu for Support startups in the current crisis with advice and experienced knowledge.

This podcast is produced in collaboration with the Data Market Services Accelerator, an initiative supported by the European Commission that involves TNW and nine other partners from across Europe. For six months, the DMS Accelerator offers training in business growth, IP and legal affairs, GDPR and data science, as well as investor matching for 50 European data-driven startups. If you want to join the program, Find out more here. The deadline is May 31!

Over the course of three episodes, we’ll hear from panels of experts and startups about how to grow your business and what key lessons you should learn from investors, government agencies and other startups.

In this first episode, Andrii Degeler from Tech.eu interviews Alastair Mitchell, partner at EQT Ventures, followed by a VC panel with Itxaso del Palacio, chief investment officer at Notion, Jacqueline van den Ende, partner at Peak Capital, and Janneke Niessen, the co-founder of CapitalT.

How has the current global climate affected the way VCs approach the new agreements? How will VC’s landscape change after COVID-19? What do VCs value most in a startup? Listen to the first episode of the Data Market Services inspiration series to discover:

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This Program has received funding from European Union‘s Horizon 2020 program under grant agreement number 825014

Posted on May 8, 2020 – 1:04 PM UTC