Qibi’s “Last Day of Service” December 1, application announcement – deadline

A day after Jeffrey Katzenberg and Mag Whitman announced their “clear-sighted” decision to shut down the six-month-old star-studded mobile subscription-video platform, Quibby has announced that December 1 will be its “last day of service.”

“Quibi has made a difficult decision to go down,” said the self-described “end of service announcement” today on the platform’s FAQ section. “We expect the service to end streaming on or around December 1, 2020. We appreciate the support we receive from our customers and thank you for giving us the opportunity to entertain you. If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please contact us at [email protected]

Quebec’s Jeffrey Katzenberg and Mag Whitman decide to close it down in detail

Moving faster than the wind down several months since Wednesday closed and with nearly 200 Qibi employees now heading for unemployment, today’s end of the service update will sign up 500,000 or so of apps soon in the dark. It also looks like the final curtain in a series like Amy Winner #FreeRayshawn, Liam Hemsworth Starrer The most dangerous game, Dummy With Anna Kendrick and remake The Fugitive With Kifer Sutherland – at least if Ketzenberg and Whiteman find no buyers.

“At this time we do not know whether Qibi content will be available anywhere after the last day of our service,” the end of the service announcement would add with some ambiguity. “We recommend following #Qubby on Twitter for any news related to the content.”

After raising nearly 1. 1.7 billion from major studios and Wall Street investment companies, Quibi got off to a great start in April with a lot of big names and a 90-day free trial. Although there is a coronavirus epidemic but one factor is taking the wind out of Qibi’s short form of entertainment trip for viewers, the app soon slipped to the highest download list and sign-ups remained thin.

After weeks of speculation and no clear path to success in terms of vision, Katzenberg and Whitman faced tough facts on October 22nd. “We started with the idea of ​​creating the next version of the storyline and because of you, we were able to create and deliver an excellent version of what Qibi envisioned,” the founder and CEO said in a letter to staff, investors yesterday. And others. “So it’s incredibly heartfelt that today we’re announcing that we’re cooling the business and looking to sell its content and technological assets.”

Winding down closed.