Pushpa Raj Introduction: Goosebumps are guaranteed

April 03, 2021

After being annoyed with the announcements, the producers of director Sukumar and Maithin have finally unveiled the much awaited prelude of Pushpa Raj, the central character of the action thriller Pushpa played by Allu Arjun. True to the story and its style, Allu Arjun is portrayed as a ferocious, powerful and intense character, Pushpa Raj. Drawing his face and tying his hands, Pushpa Raj is seen escaping into a thick and thick forest. Her dress is torn and it is clear that she is escaping from the police station, as the poster of First Look showed Pushpa Raj sitting on her knees in the police station.

Against the backdrop of smuggling of red sandalwood in the Seshachalam forest, the film is likely to be loaded with Sukumar-Mark action thriller sequences and Allu Arjun-Mark intense and energetic performances with high level action elements. Allu Arjun has been nailed for this short glimpse of Pushpa Raj. Devi’s background score has given the order a much needed boost. All of this is enough to make AA fans burst into celebration. The producers are going to release Pushpa Raj’s full monstrosity on April 1st at 1.15 pm.

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