Priyanka Chopra Jonas will not be depressed by the quarantine

Photo Credit: Theo Wargo
Photo Credit: Theo Wargo

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It’s safe to say that 2020 has not gone according to plan for anyone, and while things haven’t exactly been a walk in the park for actress, producer and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra Jonas, she certainly isn’t going to complain about that. “I have to say that I am grateful every day for being able to quarantine my family, that they have all been healthy and have a home, have shelter, food and feel protected,” says Chopra Jonas Women’s Day. “It is different from many parts of the world and from many people who have been adversely affected by this quarantine, for which I am grateful every day. I have nothing to complain about.”

In the face of global closure, Chopra Jonas has been impacted by the strength she has seen from people around the world in large and small ways. “The only thing I have really realized about humans is that we are really resilient,” she says, noting that despite the closure, she could still do 80 hours for a home theater project. “We discovered ways to make sure we continue to work,” says Chopra Jonas. “All the meetings we do at Zoom, the decisions are still being made, the people are still working, we are as resilient as a race. I can maneuver to comply if necessary, and I feel that many of us can.”

And when things get tough, Chopra Jonas knows that some perspective is important. “I connect and read the news, and read how difficult it is for migrant workers, for example in India, who have to walk for 20 days to return home or refugees living in areas where social distancing is not even a possibility, “she says. “I read things that are happening all over the world that make me feel blessed, so I don’t allow myself to feel depressed because I can get bored, because I consider it a privilege.”

Meanwhile, Chopra Jonas has been spending her time with the family: Her husband, Nick Jonas, planned cute activities around the house for her recent birthday, she says, project development work she’s producing, working in writers’ rooms and setting the scene. in the house she and Jonas had just moved into. “I focus on blessings rather than allowing my morale to drop because I don’t think I can afford that,” she says. “There are too many people in the world who cannot do that.”

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