Priyanka Chopra has revealed 2 things she has not missed from her pre-covid life

Like many people in the world, Priyanka Chopra’s life has changed a bit since the coronavirus (COVD-19) epidemic started. No suspicious epidemic comes with a lot downside. However, Chopra has also realized two positive consequences for her, which are things she has not missed from her previous life.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra | Andres Rentz / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Priyanka Chopra is doing a lot of work during the epidemic

Chopra is spending a lot of time in quarantine at home in Los Angeles with her husband Nick Jonas. She managed to become productive, even though she had not been physically present at work for a long time.

In April, Chopra told Vogue, “Nick and I have used quarantine not only to spend time with each other, but also to sharpen our creative skills and write and develop the projects we want to create.” We get a movie or a filmmaker to watch every night for inspiration. “

In addition, Chopra also managed to finish writing his memoirs, Incomplete. It announced its termination in early August Twitter, “Final manuscript sent! Wow! Can’t wait to share it with all of you. Every word of my recollection comes from a place of introspection and reflection in my life. “Chopra’s memoir is expected to be released in March 2021.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas try to be cautious during an epidemic due to health problems

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While some celebrities have ignored social distance guidelines for throwing parties and traveling to other countries, Chopra and Jonas really take quarantine very seriously.

“We’re really, really safe, because Nick is type 1 [diabetic], And I’m out of breath, ‘Chopra told ET. “So, you know, we just talk a lot about who we are and how we care about how we do it.”

In fact, even Chopra and Jonas were more cautious than most people. He told Vogue that they were “staying in India for Holi, but we shortened our trip and came back to America because we were worried about the border being locked.”

Chopra has since resumed work on the set of the film. She has created many projects in the work including roles in the film We Can Be Heroes, The Matrix 4, And White Tiger. Chopra also made a recently released Amazon movie Evil I..

Which 2 things of pre-covid life did Priyanka Chopra not miss?

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Many people have potentially some things in life that they miss. For Chopra, however, there are some things he enjoys not being experienced during the epidemic.

He shared with ET Online Online, “Traffic. I get stuck in traffic and don’t miss going to meetings. ”

Also, Chopra is “thankful” that she doesn’t wear as often as she used to, noting that these days she can wear “sweatpants with a formal shirt” when interviewing.

However, in May, she shared with Insight that she sometimes wears lubutin heels at home to make her look “normal” again.