Princess Bride Remakes Hugh Jackman from X-Men

Ghostbusters: Beyond director Jason Reitman has put together a squad of big stars to produce a homemade remake of The princess Bride, while in the running of the bulls.

The fantasy favorite was released in 1987 and features Strange things’ Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, HomelandMandy Patinkin and Andre the Giant.

Follow farmer Westley as he traverses the mythical kingdom of Florin to rescue his true love.

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In conversation with Vanity FairReitman explained: “The week the order to stay home in California came, I woke up one of the first mornings, I think like most people, feeling that, okay, I need to be able to do something valuable.

“I just thought, ‘Can we remake a full movie at home?’ And had seen that a fan made Star Wars had been done. I started contacting actors I knew and said, ‘Is this something you would like to do?’

“And the response was immediate and quick. It was like, ‘Oh, that sounds like fun.'”

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X Men icon Hugh Jackman (who worked with Reitman on The front runner) He is on board this, as are Jack Black, Taika Waititi, Josh Gad, Andy Serkis, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Neil Patrick Harris and her husband David Burtka, as well as Elijah Wood, Diego Luna and Jon Hamm.

A Hollywood dream team if there ever was one. Check out some preview clips below:

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Meanwhile, the filmmaker admitted that he was not involved in a directing capacity, sharing: “I go through the original scene and get a frame for every frame they need to make, and send them those to create a storyboard version.

“I send you the sides of the original script and give you a little list of accessories, costumes, and location.”

The remake is all in aid of the charity World Central Kitchen and will launch over the course of two weeks on the Quibi streaming service, starting in Monday June 29.

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