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Prince Harry, 35, had to give up his honorary military titles when he resigned as a royal in March. The move was a major blow to the duke, whose background in the armed forces influenced much of his work as a member of royalty. However, the couple’s Spring Statement revealed that Harry will continue this work privately. The statement read: “As the founder of Invictus Games, The Duke will proudly continue to support the military community worldwide through the Invictus Games Foundation and The Endeavor Fund.”

Harry and Meghan Markle, 38, have settled in Los Angeles with their one-year-old son Archie Harrison and are expected to remain there for the foreseeable future.

As a working royal prince, Harry had various ceremonial military roles, including that of Captain General of the Royal Marines, a role previously held by his 99-year-old grandfather, Prince Philip.

Although Harry had to relinquish this title after his royal retirement, he was allowed to retain the rank of captain that he obtained during his 10-year military career.

Harry left the British Army after a decade of service in 2015, but has since maintained strong ties to the armed forces and worked closely with veterans.

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Prince Harry has offered his support to the charity in a moving new statement.

Prince Harry said: “At the end of this year, a year that has seen unprecedented global challenges, a group of veterans will tackle a challenge unlike anything they have faced before.

“Facing scorching temperatures and pulling a car that weighs more than 3 times their own body weight, these veterans will need to summon incredible physical and mental strength.”

He added: “I am proud once again to support them and support veterans whose courage, determination and endurance is a credit to all of us who have served.

“For the men and women selected for this team, good luck!

“I know that people around the world will cheer you on.”


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The new announcement is sure to bring joy to Prince Harry, who was thought to be upset that his military titles were stripped of him.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would return to the UK with Archie this summer when they were expected to join the Queen at Balmoral on their summer vacation.

However, the trip is likely to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While Meghan and Harry were expected to launch their new nonprofit ‘Archewell’ shortly after resigning, the project is understood to be with us as the couple focus their energies on helping those affected by the health crisis.

A source told the Telegraph earlier this month: “What is absolutely clear is that they want to do it right and there is no point in rushing.

“They are settling in a new life, a new era.

“It’s about doing things right and making sure they can make the difference they want to make.”

It was confirmed Wednesday that Harry and Meghan are now on the books of New York’s public speaking agency Harry Walker.

The Harry Walker agency counts the Clintons and Obamas among its clients and makes a similar adjustment for Meghan and Harry.

The royal couple are expected to earn money by giving directions at corporate events and offering VIP meetings and greetings in the future.

Meghan and Harry have now entered a one-year trial period to which they will aspire to gain financial independence from the crown.

The Queen will review the terms of her Megxit deal next spring.