Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left social media for good

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have “no plans” to return to social media almost a year after the exit.

A source close to the former Royals told the Times of London that they were “very unlikely” to have an online presence, largely because of the “animosity” they had received.

Before the couple broke up with the royal family, social media was a big part of their lives.

The couple announced their Magxit plans to the world via Instagram post on their “Sussex Royale” profile. Although the profile is still there, it is not active. They last posted a goodbye message in March 2020, saying, “Even if you don’t see us here, work is still going on.”

They also announced the birth and name of their baby Archie through the platform.

Prior to her engagement to Harry, Megha ran a blog online called “The Tig”, which she closed after her engagement to Harry. She also had a personal Instagram profile.

A secret anonymous Instagram account was reportedly used when Harry and Megan first started dating.

Although they have podcasts on Spotify, their archeology charities will not have their own social media accounts.

The pair presented their Christmas cards through Mehju, an animal organization Meghan has been involved with in the past.